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  1. Apply to schools are that have class profiles <= ~3.3gpa and schools that are developing.
  2. Unless it's a basically guaranteed linkage program, it shouldn't matter where you go. You might even find while in undergrad that you want a different change of pace and environment. Choose somewhere you can see yourself grow and succeed!
  3. There was a video on I think thepaplatform on YT that interviewed a student who went to that Master's program. If you apply broadly enough and have other good parts of your application, you might not need it.You can look at newer programs, which are easier to get into.
  4. I read Elizabethtown had their accreditation review delayed till 2022. Good luck to ya'll but maybe have a back up plan in case
  5. Was accepted a few months ago and decided to withdraw my acceptance earlier this week b/c of acceptance to school I vibed with more and is closer. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist!
  6. If you have a good idea of the what the profession is and can see yourself being a PA, sure apply. Do you have PCE hours? Most schools want at least some to make sure you have some experience with patient care which will help later on in clinical med and during rotations. Although, while I was researching schools, some of the accepted students infographics listed that a few students did not have direct patient hours.
  7. I had similar academic stats as you and not many PCE hours (<1000) and still got plenty of interviews. Hours are just a metric. How you explain who you are and your motivation to become a PA & experiences in your personal statement and how well you do in the interview are much more important. I say go ahead and apply. Just choose schools that would be a good match for you and apply broadly if you can.
  8. I got many interview invites and few acceptance offers with only around 750 PCE hours. Though I did have other healthcare experiences that gave me a broader understanding of and experience in healthcare. As long as you can convey your experience, motivation, and dedication in your personal statement and eventual interview, that's what would get you accepted. Your GPA is still above average which definitely helps. Personally, I would still applying this coming cycle. You still have plenty of time to rack up more hours if you want to (if you are still working). With the current COVID-19 situation, I would think PA schools would be pushing back interviews either way. Definitely try to find a PA to shadow since its a big decision you need to be sure of, though as you mentioned it may be more difficult now. Apply when you feel you are personally ready!
  9. Wouldn't think many PAs would be willing to allow a student to shadow atm. I think in the current pandemic, hospitals are being more cautious and same with specialty private practices.
  10. I believe that PA schools put an emphasis on prerequisite courses. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from your transcript, it looks like you have 2 W's from A&P 1 which is a pre-req for all PA schools. Do you plan on retaking it and finishing A&P 1/2 and were there specific reasons for the withdrawals? For any bad grades or many W's in core courses, you usually would have to address it in an interview, whether how you improved study strategies and received much better grade (A or high B) or had any unforeseen life circumstances. Good things you have going is plenty of PCE. If at all possible, I'd recommend trying to lower number of work hours and spend more time being sure to ace the rest of your pre-reqs.
  11. All the schools I applied to accepted scribing as part of PCE. It really isn't feasibly to keep an updated list with over 250 PA programs. You should really be narrowing down schools first by region, GPA / GRE score ranges, and then researching on their website for most up to date information and details.
  12. I went to the 3/6 interview and was waitlisted. I think the coast guard flew by during part of the program introduction. Garrett, the school rep mentioned that day likely would be the last interview date (depending on how many ppl accept I suppose). They possibly could have more interviews, it would almost definitely be online though.
  13. Was accepted from the interview earlier this month, but decided to decline due to acceptance elsewhere which works better for me. Seems like a very polished program and congrats to those who will be going here. Best of luck to everyone interviewing next month or still waiting to hear back!
  14. Also had mine little bit ago. They asked me a few off the cuff questions, so be super prepared for anything!
  15. Anyone hear anything recently? I submitted somewhat late about 3 weeks ago and got the confirmation e-mail, but nothing afterwards.
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