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  1. Once you are done with didactic, our school told us you shouldn’t really be using those notes to study anymore. It’s a lot of material in didactic but barely scratches the surface. You’ll realize those notes are just not sufficient. Just focus on finishing up didactic year. A lot of people waste their time doing study guides/flash cards that they will never use again
  2. Bf555

    PANCE sessions

    If anyone is looking for 1:1 tutoring sessions for the PANCE, PM me!
  3. Yup. Graduated with a 3.7. How many jobs asked for my GPA? 0.0. You’ll get hired because of your personality. They already know you’re intelligent because you got into and made it through PA school
  4. If anyone would like a 1:1 tutor send me a message!
  5. I went to Daemen as a Masters student. I’m not a big fan of the direct entry program. It doesn’t give you enough time to figure out what you really want to do or mature by the time you actually go out and have to care for another individual. To me, most (not all) 22 year olds just don’t understand what it means to have another persons life in their hands, despite the education. With that being said, Daemen is a great program. They have been well established amongst the community as consistently putting out very good PAs. I wish they taught more on inpatient medicine, which is what I took a job in. Overall they prepare you. My friends from the direct entry program do say they felt well prepared from a outpatient primary care standpoint as well. If you have any questions then you can message me if you’d like
  6. This happened to a bunch of my classmates that just graduated. They are starting around that time as well. I wouldn’t worry
  7. When it came to studying I would only do about 10-15 questions a day to prepare for the pance. But I would pick apart those questions and break them down. So one question would actually take me about 30-45 min to get through once I reviewed all the material surrounding the multiple choice answers (right or wrong answers). PACKRAT 1 was a 165, PACKRAT 2 was a 172. I scored a 635 on the pance
  8. If anyone would like some coaching for the PANCE/EORs. PM me
  9. I don’t know the percentage that is required to pass. I think it varies based on where the national average lies. My PANCE score was really similar to how I did on EORs. Basically per 100 questions I missed about 7 on EORs. I missed 21 questions (out of 300) on the pance and got a 635
  10. Wasn’t worth it. Basically told me I would pass which I already kinda knew based on my EOR/PACKRAT/end of curriculum exam. The compiled questions were fairly difficult in comparison to the broad range of questions on my PANCE. Save your money
  11. The year below me (just graduated) in upstate ny started clinicals this past week
  12. I’d apply early. Your Gpa is good and will likely get you interviews. But your HCE is on the lower end and some schools are fairly big on that aspect of your application. I wouldn’t be surprised if you receive an acceptance. However, if you don’t then I’d spend this upcoming year finding something with direct patient care. Being a scribe is ok, but you should really be hands on with patients
  13. Undergrad - 3.2 cGPA, sGPA 3.01 PA school- 3.75 (just finished last week)
  14. Doesn’t matter what school. Both have college basketball teams (if they ever play again)[emoji108]
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