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Incoming C.O. 2022 and COVID-19

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I thought it might be interesting to get some current and future students' thoughts and opinions about the upcoming PA class of 2022 concerning COVID-19. 

Things to discuss:

- What are programs currently doing as far as lectures/clinical rotations?

- Is it possible that start dates may be delayed for upcoming cohorts?

- Will government financial aid continue to be processed and released?

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I'm waitlisted at a program that is planning to have a full online summer semester. While, the program I've been accepted at, has not released any information on the matter. Probably, because don't start until late August. I'm more interested in knowing if financial aid will be affected or not for students starting this summer. A true concern for me in the event that I get pulled of the waitlist and have to start PA school in the next 4 weeks. Crazy!

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Hey thanks for starting the thread.

Here's info. about my situation:

-the program I will start at next month will still start on-time but has moved online for the first summer semester. We will see where things are at in the world with Covid-19  this fall regarding in-person classes.

-I know people in my cohort who are coming from out of state have delayed their move dates. They won't move until fall...if we do in fact move to in-person in the fall.

-good question about government financial aid being processed and disbursed. I don't know. I still need to complete my gradplus loan application. But I haven't heard anything yet indicating there won't be financial aid for students.

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Hi there,

I have also been wondering how other schools are handling this change. I am starting at my school at the end of May and our entire summer term will be online. I had asked admissions about whether a delayed start date had been considered to allow our class to learn in-person and learn anatomy via cadaver dissection - not via a virtual dissection experience. Admissions said this was not possible. I also inquired about the possibility of deferring a year - I was told this was also not a possibility. I feel a bit trapped in my situation and am curious how other schools are handling these decisions. 


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Would people be willing to use the name of their school? It's just easier to discuss knowing size and region of the country. Is it true that MGH postponed until September? Are all Diadatic years currently online? Also wondering if all Clinical rotations are paused? Thanks.

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My program NOVA southeastern is going to start the end of May and it will be virtual for the summer semester. I'm one of the few who live out of state and will be moving in the Fall if classes are no longer virtual. As for financial aid, we are still receiving it! I applied to FAFSA for 2019-2020 and 2020- 2021 and received aid for the summer, fall and spring terms. As for the grad plus loan, it doesn't open til April 26th! Hope this helps! 

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The situation is fluid. To the best of my knowledge:

1. All clinical rotations for all students -- medical and PA -- were stopped. Med students are resuming shortly but ARC-PA hasn't yet recommended it for PA students.

2. I know of no PA programs that are having in-person classes.

3. Most schools that I know of do not plan in-person summer classes, though there are thoughts about having small groups of students come in for skills training. There is a feeling that fall classes may be in-person but that's only a feeling at this point.


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The incoming class will be fully online in the summer for didactic. Downside is that cadaver labs are in the summer which was the highlight of my first semester. The school sent a campus wide announcement they will be back to regular classes in Fall. A few classmates were discussing how awkward it will be for this incoming class to finally see each other in person the start of the second semester when the more difficult classes begin and rushing to establish cliques and study groups, should be interesting. 

As for rotations, half of our class is back on rotations especially for those having to complete cores. Those on electives are still at home doing online assignments. 

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