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  1. Mine went too. My bad, not an email from Lindsay, meant to say "decision letter" and is found in the portal it does not come in a separate email. Once you log in, in the portal go into my applications and then click on the one that say Master of Physician Assistant, once you click on it, click on view "decision letter" and then you will be required to accept it and then it goes into how to pay deposit and if now or later. I think we have 10 days to pay once we accept through this route.
  2. Yes I did. I just logged into my account with the information provided in the office of admissions/financial aid email and got the formal acceptance letter from Lindsay Hammett as well as instructions on how to pay the deposit. Anyone else got this?
  3. Has anyone else received an email from the office of admissions and financial aid with information to login into your account to apply for graduate school?
  4. Has anyone received any further information about the deposit?
  5. Sure, I interviewed on 11/11 am session. These are my stats: Graduated back in 2014 Biology Major/chemistry minor cGPA: 3.58 scienceGPA: 3.53 prerequisitesGPA: 3.84 PCE: 13,200 hrs. (Clinical and human research) PA Shadowing: +150 hrs. Lab Research: 180 hrs. Volunteering: ~500 hrs. Combined (Church related + Medical Assistant + Medical Interpreter) Leadership/Teaching experiences: ~500 hrs.
  6. Sadly rejected. Good luck to all of you still fighting for a spot and happy holidays!
  7. Just got the official acceptance email. Feeling so grateful and blessed to begin the journey with all of you, UD class 2022!
  8. Hopefully they share some news after the New Years, by the way congrats to all of you that got accepted already!
  9. Can't wait to meet you all next week at the reception. Good luck to everyone!
  10. I'm so happy for you! Currently, on the alternate list too, staying positive and hoping to join you guys.
  11. I don't know if this might help you in any way, but I got my application received on Sep 9th, interview invite sent on Oct 11th, scheduled for interview email on Oct 15th, assigned interview date, Nov 11th. So, my guess is that you should hear from them soon. Best of luck!
  12. My suggestion is to go with the life changing/difficult moment that you had to overcome and maybe somehow tie it into how it propelled your decision in following this career path. Not a lot of people deal with the life and death situations of parents early in life and remain determined to continue pursing their dreams. I think you are on the right track overall, keep it up and good luck!
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