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  1. minnesotaprepa

    LORs: How well should I know the provider?

    Hi all, back with another question: I have a strong academic background and will have excellent LORs from a professor and a clinical research PI. I will also have a good LOR from an RN who is my clinical supervisor. However, I am stuck on where to get my provider LOR. As an NA on a inpatient hospital floor, I hardly ever interact with doctors/PAs/MDs, although I get awesome PCE. However, this has made it difficult to track down a good LOR for next cycle. I have family and friends who are MDs/PAs, but I know most programs don't allow that. My best option right now seems to be asking PAs who I have shadowed. I have shadowed quite a bit, but I feel like I don't know the providers well-enough, esp. compared to my other references. This makes me nervous, because I know how important the clinical references are. Have other people had success with references from providers who they did not know very well? What is the best way to approach this? Thanks!
  2. minnesotaprepa

    End of June too late?

    Thank you all for the feedback! The reassurance is definitely helpful
  3. minnesotaprepa

    End of June too late?

    Hi! I will be applying during the 2019-2020 CASPA cycle, and I'm wondering if the end of June is too late to submit my applications? The only reason is to gain more patient care - submitting at the end of June puts me at ~ 1200. Otherwise, my stats are roughly: GPA: 3.99 GRE: 319 Research hours: 1500 Volunteer hours: 200 Shadowing hours: 50

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