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ALSO GOT OFF THE WAITLIST!! soo soo sooo excited!! yes, Stelllaa said it best! Do NOT give up!!!

Anyone going to take one for the team and ask them what's up lol

Received an acceptance call yesterday morning from the Sept 27th interview. Best of luck to everyone waiting to hear!

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Verified mid-late June, got an email saying my app was being reviewed by SU. No other info yet. 

undergrad: George Mason University, Psychology BS 2018

Cum GPA: 3.82

Science GPA: 3.75

GRE: verbal 154, quant 150, writing 3.5

pt care exp: 3,550+ hours

volunteer EMT: 168 hours

hospital volunteer: 156

no shadowing

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I haven't heard anything yet and don't yet see interview dates posted on their website. I verified on May 23. Anyone know their general interview cycle? Some other schools have started sending interview invites. Not sure if it's any indication but I scrolled through last year's thread and the interview dates were Aug 17, mid-Oct, and Jan 25. 

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I received an interview invite at 12:33pm today!!!!! I’m coming from Texas and this is my first cycle to apply and first interview to receive! (They mentioned this is the first round they have sent out)

My stats:
Undergrad degree: Bachelors in Respiratory Care
cGPA 3.13
sGPA 3.16
Post bac classes GPA 3.6

Shadowing/working with a PA:500+ hours
Volunteer: 100ish

I’m currently a Respiratory Therapist and I had over 6000 hours at time of application with more now.
GRE: 292 (eeekk I know)
I had a huge upward trend in grades.
I think that’s everything

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1 hour ago, Bridgetn91 said:

Just received an acceptance call this morning!!!! So excited!!

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Thanks for posting your metrics. We're pretty similar (I didn't get my application done until the end of June though, so I haven't heard anything).

If you don't mind my asking, were you told anything special regarding your essay or anything else? I'm basically looking for what else my programs are looking for outside of my (not-so-great) GPA.

Thanks, and congrats!

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