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  1. I got my acceptance call the day after my interview, so it is possible to hear back that quick!
  2. How do students go about finding a roommate? Do they wait until the FB group is made?
  3. Just declined my interview invitation. I hope this opens up a spot for someone else!
  4. I got an acceptance call from the 10/23 interview! When can I expect to get the email from the school with seat deposit information?
  5. It was me who didn’t get a decision for 5 weeks. I almost reached out but I got advice from a current student that I know to wait.
  6. Got an interview for 11/6 today! Excited to meet everyone.
  7. It took me 5 weeks to hear back about my interview with the NJ campus.
  8. Anyone attending the NJ campus? Would love to connect!
  9. I applied in May and haven't heard back. I've pretty much assumed that i'm rejected at this point. I am sad I haven't interviewed here as well, but i've found that every school is looking for something different, even if you have a competitive application.
  10. Mine does as well. I had everything submitted at the end of July.
  11. I received an acceptance email for the NJ campus a few hours ago! I interviewed on 8/27.
  12. Since it’s so close to the deadline, I would reach out to the program if you haven’t received an email from them stating your application is verified.
  13. Has anyone from the 8/27 NJ interview heard anything yet?
  14. To be completely transparent when I applied last year I got an email that they concluded they interviews for the cycle and all of their seats for filled right around this time. Unfortunately, I think that might be the case. But until you get that, I wouldn’t worry too much!
  15. Congrats on your interview! When did you apply?
  16. I applied in May and I’m a reapplicant. Starting to loose hope with getting an interview.
  17. Did they email you that you are “under review” I applied back in May but only received confirmation that my file was complete.
  18. Just received an interview for the New Jersey Campus!
  19. I would email the program. I waited about a month and when I emailed them, they sent me a verification email within minutes.
  20. Submitted my application a few days ago. I am a reapplicant. Wishing you all the best of luck this cycle!
  21. Submitted my supplemental a few days ago. Now for the waiting game!
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