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  1. Hi, I can add you to the group! Add me on Facebook- Kindra O'Connor.
  2. Congrats to all of those who have been accepted so far! My name is Kindra O'Connor and I am the president for the class of 2022. Please feel free to add me on Facebook and of course ask any questions you may have!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a current year at Trevecca finishing up my first semester. I really relied on this forum when I was going through the application process ,so if anyone has any questions about Trevecca (or applying to PA school in general) please feel free to send me a message! Trevecca has been so good to me so far and I am SO incredibly thankful that this is where I ended up. Good luck everyone!
  4. Ahhh so excited to see so many people coming! My name is Kindra O'Connor for anyone who is adding people on facebook
  5. has anyone been pulled off the waitlist? curious about how many they pull off of it...
  6. anyone hear back from the waitlist? curious about how many people they pull off of it
  7. Hello! I just got accepted to PA school and will be starting at the end of May. I've been saving money for when I'm in school for a while now, but I was wondering if any current students out there could talk about things they found they had to pay for during PA school that they maybe weren't expecting? Literally looking for any kind of advice here.. coffee money, random housing expenses, anything food related.... literally anything?? Thanks in advance!
  8. Interviewed yesterday, just got the acceptance call!
  9. Anyone here go to an interview on one of the recent dates (8/9, 8/12, or 8/13) ??
  10. Sure! I was accepted. GPA was 3.5 cumulative and 3.6 science. I had ~2000 PCE, ~500 HCE, and volunteer probably ~500. Hope that helps
  11. They told me that they are sending acceptance emails today, so that’s what it is most likely. If so, congrats in advance
  12. Just got the acceptance call about 15 minutes ago
  13. Not too sure about the deodorant either thank you so much!
  14. There’s four of us at the parking garage right now, gonna wait around for a few more minutes to see if anyone else shows up!
  15. Hello- wanted to reach out for advice about what to take to interviews! I have a few coming up (first one is tomorrow!) and have no idea what to bring. I feel like I shouldn't show up empty handed, but then again I don't want to be lugging around a bag all day. I'd like to bring a small notebook and a pen to take notes, and maybe a bottle of water or small snack... but I'm just curious if this is an interview no-no. Is it OK to bring a small purse, or should I just carry my notebook? Thoughts?
  16. Hello! I'm currently a dialysis tech and applying to schools now... a majority of my PCE comes from this, and I already have 4 interviews so it must count for something (I hope, lol) It really isn't as repetitive as you'd think- yes, you're essentially doing the same thing procedural thing, but there is so much to learn from the RNs you work with. Of course it won't be like being an EMT, where you truly don't know what you're going to get. However, you really get to know your patients and make connections with them. This job has greatly improved my patient communication skills and
  17. Montbello has some nice trails, I did Spy Rock this weekend and it goes on part of the Appalachian trail... really pretty view at the top. Crabtree Falls is another popular one- you hike next to a waterfall for most of it. If you have time to go to C'Ville I would recommend that as well- it is the closest "city" nearby and there's a lot to do. You'll see the downtown mall if you come to dinner tomorrow, but there is a lot more to explore too!
  18. Hello everyone! Just received the email for an interview invite! I figured I would start a thread for the current cycle since there isn't one here yet. Hopefully we can use this to connect and share our experiences
  19. Still having a lot of trouble accessing the secondary application as an alumni. The ITS Accounts Office we were told to contact in the original email is telling me that they cannot give me access to my PSU Access Account again until I am officially re-enrolled as a student. Anyone else having this problem?
  20. I'm an alum too and the same exact thing just happened to me. I think it's something that they'll have to change with the supplemental app- I don't think we can just get access to lion path again just because we are alumni.
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