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  1. Don't have any specific stats for you, but I went to the 1st interview session, was waitlisted and then accepted off the waitlist a month later (which I think was a day after the 2nd interview session).
  2. I was told that there are a total of two cadaver sessions.
  3. Just received my acceptance e-mail today as well!
  4. I interviewed on 9/13 at the Miami campus and recieved an acceptance e-mail today
  5. I'm not a current student but at the interview they told us that all students get ipads at the start of school. They do not have an anti computer policy. I believe that is a policy at one of the other campuses (east falls maybe?)
  6. They didn't say anything to us as a group. Talked to some of the current students, and they said they heard back in 2 weeks, but I guess thats not the same this year
  7. Just received an acceptance from the Sept 10th interview as well!
  8. Just got an interview for September 21st! Trying to plan for the weekend, could anyone tell me what time the meet and greet is? Don't know if they sent any info about it for that interview session but I'm sure it is at the same time in general, so if anyone could tell me what time it is tomorrow for people interviewing on the 7th, I would appreciate it!
  9. Just got an interview today for Sept 27th!
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