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  1. If anybody else lurking around the forum is scheduled for tomorrow's interview session and wants to meet up in Winchester tonight, shoot me a message!
  2. So this is an assumption based on my experience last round, but from what I can tell the program keeps all of the apps they recieve open and on file until they officially fill every seat in the class. I didn't get an official rejection until their interviews closed in February. I'm in the same boat as you this round as well, so the only conclusion I can draw is that my application has [so far] rated lower than all the candidates they've reviewed and offered interviews to. So, we're still in it, technically. But being passed up for 2 or 3 interview rounds doesn't strike me as a good sign
  3. Welp, I'm a July baby with no offer, so ya'll probably won't be seeing me at Drexel next year. On the bright side, I have a couple interviews elsewhere. Good luck to you and everyone else that's still in it!
  4. For all those invited to the 10/31 interview, when did the program mark your app 'received'? Same question for the November interview group if those invites have gone out yet...
  5. Thanks for posting your metrics. We're pretty similar (I didn't get my application done until the end of June though, so I haven't heard anything). If you don't mind my asking, were you told anything special regarding your essay or anything else? I'm basically looking for what else my programs are looking for outside of my (not-so-great) GPA. Thanks, and congrats!
  6. Also on the waitlist, which surprised me because I applied SUPER last minute. Considering this was my first glimmer of hope in my second cycle, I'm pretty excited just to make somebody's list. Good luck everyone!
  7. Mind telling me when your application went into "in review" status? I was a slightly later applicant, so I'm still waiting to hear back. Thanks!
  8. I'm pretty sure they go until they're full, so it depends on how many spots they fill from previous interviews. I don't know if my application was somewhat competitive enough to hang onto last year, or if they took *a LONG time to review it,* but I was confirmed in mid August and didn't get a rejection until, like, January. So when I tell people it could be a long waiting game, I'm not kidding
  9. Would you mind letting us know when you submitted your application? Us July babies are doing a lot of hand wringing
  10. I submitted the first week of July, and I haven't heard a peep as yet (congrats to all those who've been accepted!)
  11. So for starters, congrats on your interviews! From those of us struggling to get an interview, let me say: whoever offers you a spot first, take it. I'm not sure how Drexel runs its post-interview stages; whether they make a final decision on you right away or keep your app in the running pending other interviews later. I do know that if the latter case is true, you could be waiting a long time
  12. "General or Medical Genetics - Preferably with Lab (3-4 SCH): One course" I'd say the combination of "general," 3 credit hour option, and +/- Lab means that as long as it says "genetics" in the course title and it's at least 3 CH, you could probably get away with it. But you could always call/email the PA program admissions office and ask if you have a specific course in mind. I promise they won't bite.
  13. Like PArtnerincrime said: it's too early to worry. I didn't get an official rejection last year until like...January. I know waiting sucks, but that's really all you can do.
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