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Hi! i have a 3.06 GPA and have already graduated from MSU with a Human Biology Bach.Degree

I have been reading and searching a lot lately about what would be the best option for me

1) Trying to get into a post bacc program to raise my GPA (but some post bacc programs are hard to get into 😕 ) my science gpa does not meet 3.0 

2) will taking some pre req courses over at a community college first and then applying to grad school or post bacc be better?

3) trying to get into an accelerated second degree nursing program (which is also hard to get into) first, gain experience and then trying to go to pa school.


My low GPA is really killing me and stressing me out. 

I KNOW that i will be good if i am even able to PROVE myself because i'm not sure if i will be able to even get into these programs to raise my gpa... 😞 

 All the other options to try to raise my gpa to be competitive to apply to a PA program are MOSTLY all hard to get into as well because these options are all requiring a min 3.0 gpa and science gpa. 

if anyone could give me some advice, any , it would be so so great guys

thank you

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  • Administrator

GPA averages, HCE accumulates.  No matter what courses you take to improve both your cGPA and sGPA, you're going to need to pull a 4.0 (or ridiculously close to it) from here on out.  I think I had something like a 3.95 in coursework once I decided to apply for PA school--Got A-'s in statistics and physics, IIRC.

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If you want to do this, try to bloom where you can grow. To the best of my knowledge, most programs don’t care where you take classes as long as the school is accredited. You probably need a job to survive and there is nothing wrong with going to community college and taking night classes, if that works best for you.

The big thing with grades are not just the grades themselves but they are proof that you can handle the pace and depth of a PA program. Programs want to take students who can get through them. That takes an academic record more than getting more degrees.

So consider taking classes where you can, repeating classes you did poorly in, and advanced classes in sequences to show you can master the material.

Good luck.

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Option 4:  Just take more classes.  You don't need to do an official post bacc program or grad school program or nursing program.

Just take more classes (and not necessarily retakes because those just average with previous grades).  Take upper level science courses and as Rev said, get A's.  And as above it doesn't terribly matter where you take them as long as the school is accredited.

Get PCE and keep getting PCE.

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Guest HopeToBePAC

My best advice would be (to add on to what others have already mentioned) would be to re-take classes that you did poorly in, and take additional classes to boost your GPA. 3.06 is just meeting the bare minimum, so it will be hard if you choose to apply this upcoming cycle. If you do take more classes, you will need to 4.0 every class to raise your GPA significantly, because you already have accumulated a lot of credits and thus it gets harder to raise your GPA. So really focus on getting solid As, and it should help your GPA. People have gotten in with 3.1s and 3.2s, it's just a matter of proving that your better in other aspects -- lots of PCE (2k+), a strong GRE score, or what have you. It's possible, but it'll take time. 

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