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  1. How should i retake my classes if i already graduated?? should i take classes at a community college? or can i re - enroll at MSU to take undergrad classes again even though i already graduated? @Potatolife @HopeToBePAC @PACrankset
  2. Hi! i have a 3.06 GPA and have already graduated from MSU with a Human Biology Bach.Degree I have been reading and searching a lot lately about what would be the best option for me 1) Trying to get into a post bacc program to raise my GPA (but some post bacc programs are hard to get into ) my science gpa does not meet 3.0 2) will taking some pre req courses over at a community college first and then applying to grad school or post bacc be better? 3) trying to get into an accelerated second degree nursing program (which is also hard to get into) first, gain experience and then trying to go to pa school. My low GPA is really killing me and stressing me out. I KNOW that i will be good if i am even able to PROVE myself because i'm not sure if i will be able to even get into these programs to raise my gpa... All the other options to try to raise my gpa to be competitive to apply to a PA program are MOSTLY all hard to get into as well because these options are all requiring a min 3.0 gpa and science gpa. if anyone could give me some advice, any , it would be so so great guys thank you
  3. Hello! I graduated from MSU with a Human Biology Major in Winter 2015. It has been about 3 years since i have graduated. I studied the MCAT and took the test once and did not apply to any med school because of my MCAT score and GPA. i have a GPA 3.0 and not sure about my science gpa about 2.7-2.9 I just got married this summer and have been rethinking about med school and wanted to go to PA school instead It seems as competitive as med school but it is only 2 years of school. I don't have ANY direct paid health care experience only volunteering and haven't taken the GRE yet I am 25 years old and just need some help/guidance on the path. so my questions are: 1.) Should i go to graduate school for 2 years and get good grades to make up for my low GPA 2.) Should i just get as much PCE as i can? and then apply ? if so, which is better? CNA, MA, paramedic, EMT ? 3.) Lastly, should get certified to work as a CNA, MA, paramedic or EMT first, and then work while i go to grad school so i can get PCE and boost my GPA? i don't know where to start because I'm trying to find the most affordable and less time consuming way to be competitive to get into PA school Thank you
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