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A lot of CC's. Need advice!

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Good evening, everyone.

I would like advice from those who would like to give their two-cents! I am a non-traditional pre-PA student, with a not so great GPA, decent healthcare experience, with transcripts from 6 different schools (though, for good reason, I think).

School 1. A community college I attended for one year and stopped going due to not knowing what I wanted in life and didn't want to waste my time.

School 2. Obtained my EMT-B and EMT-Intermediate certs. They did not have a paramedic program.

School 3. Obtained my AAS in EMS and Paramedic.

School 4. My undergrad was obtained online at Liberty University, prior to ambitions going into medicine.

School 5. Completed 3 pre-req math/science classes at a 4-year; however, my wife became pregnant and I sought new employment out-of-state to support my family, thus ending my ability to attend this school.

School 6. Advice most needed here! I can attend another CC to knock out the remaining science courses, or obtain them online at a University. What do you all suggest?

I have 8 years of experience working full time as a critical care paramedic, in addition to thousands of hours volunteering as a paramedic. My most valuable experience comes from working as a paramedic in a Level 1 Trauma Center and Teaching Hospital. I have volunteered as a Group Facilitator for a Youth LGBTQ support network. At each place of employment I participated on various committees.


My cGPA is ~3.2. sGPA 3.4. I am confident I can improve both, as I have roughly 10 classes I want to complete. 


The most cost effective option will be to complete my remaining courses at the local CC; however, I will pay extra to get those same classes at UNE if having 4 different CC will look bad. I appreciate your time and advice!

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CASPA integrates all of your courses into one section, though the reviewers can see the individual transcripts. I don't know about every school, but the two that I've been involved with don't care where you took your classes. I think that is especially true for older applicants, who had to deal with life, family, and jobs while they prepared to apply. That would seem to fit you.

Good luck!

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Thank you! I appreciate the advice and encouragement. I verified community college tuition today and I can not justify not going the CC route. My in district cost for 4 credits is $300. My wife would kill me if I spent $1400 for 4 credits online while having the alternative. 

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