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Hi everybody,

So originally I decided to apply to the CASPA application next spring when the CASPA cycle opens to gain a better chance of admission. Now, I’m rethinking of applying to a few schools to see where I am with my application. I’m anxious and excited for school.


Here’s my background:

PSU Graduate (22)

My GPA isn’t the strongest, only a 3.2. Struggled my freshman/sophomore year (in wrong major). Changed my major to kinesiology and ended up on deans list every semester upon graduating.

I have ~320 hours of health care experience 

300 GRE

50+ hours of shadowing PAs


What is do you think is the best option? To apply now or wait until April when the cycle opens? I don’t want to waste money and not get in because too many spots are taken. People have told me different opinions and I would like to get more opinions. 

Thank you!



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I would definitely wait until April to apply. It's very late in the application season, so unless you only applied to non-rolling admission schools, your application likely wouldn't even be looked at (and sometimes non-rolling admission schools start reviewing applications before the deadline). I have a gpa similar to yours. Since we are on the lower end of the spectrum, you definitely will want to get more PCE hours before applying. I recommend you work on that from now until April so you can try and shoot for >1000. 300 hours is very low, as most schools will require a minimum of 500. Also, it wouldn't hurt to continue getting more shadowing hours. Typically a GRE score of 300 or greater is all you need, but since you have a lower GPA you might consider retaking it for a higher score (although that's less important). I really hope I didn't discourage you, just trying to save you a little money as this process is extremely expensive! If you continue to work on improving your application until next April and apply EARLY (end of May, early June) I think you will be in a much better position in terms of getting interviews ? Good luck!!

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I agree with @paPassion7 . Your GPA is low, GRE is at the cutoff, and PCE is low. Applying now, super late in the cycle, would be a waste of time and money. I doubt you would get an interview. 

Spend til April gaining more PCE and retaking any science classes you got a C or lower in. I would also consider taking the GRE for a higher score to balance your GPA. I remember feeling like I did not want to take a gap year(s), but they have been some of the best years of my life. Take the time to get high-quality PCE and enjoy life a little before entering school again. If you really want to be a PA at 22, then you will still want to be a PA at 23 or 24. 

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