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Interviewing a new possible collaborating physician

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Hi everyone, 

I've been working as a PA for 6 years, but started a new job in a brand new specialty about 6 months ago at an academic hospital. I work with 1 specific doctor in a very niche field in Oncology (they and I are the only providers in the clinic). They are looking to add on another doctor, who is interviewing this week. It is unclear if this person will also become a collaborating physician and I'll see both of their patients or if I will still be tied only with my current CP - it sounds like it's up to me and the doctors once the new one settles in and we get an idea of how the clinic will function. 

This new person is interviewing this week and will be seeing several different people throughout the day. I was going to be interviewing them with the old APP who was in my current position but now she might not be able to make it and I might have to do it alone. I've never had to interview anyone in the past, much less someone who is possibly becoming my superior. Any advice or ideas for questions? If I had been here for 5+ years it would be one thing, but I'm still so new myself I really don't know how to approach this. 


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I interview prospective providers at my current position. I wouldn't sweat it too much. Look up a few good interview questions. Mostly, you can address your role as an APP on the team and what that means for SPs. Inquire if they've been an SP before. Talk about your role as a new provider to the team in terms of what on-boarding was like through an open dialogue. Discuss what your usual patient load looks like.


If you're unsure of questions to ask, HR may have a form already in place. My hospital system does. Your interview is likely a series of interviews that make up the entire package. Biggest piece of advice I have is echoing the above: be honest. If they ask a specific question and your answer doesn't put the team in the most positive light, so be it. S/He is interviewing your team for a potential new career move just as much as your team is interviewing him.



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  • "Tell me a little about yourself." ...
  • "What are your biggest weaknesses?" ...
  • "What are your biggest strengths?" ...
  • "Where do you see yourself in five years?" ...
  • "Out of all the other candidates, why should we hire you?"
  • "Are you an egotistical bastard who's intimidated to work with a strong PA?"
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Eh, while I've said before there are only three interview questions (can you do the job, can we get along with you, and are you going to stick around?), getting useful responses is not as easy as just asking directly.  I'd second the recommendation for a good book, or better yet, a course on behavioral interviewing.

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