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LOR Question

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Hi Guys!

So I asked my supervisor at work who is a PT for a LOR and I am planning to ask two professors from my masters program this week before I graduate. I initially wanted to ask only one prof but thought that I should ask both in the case that the PA that I am shadowing cannot write a LOR for me. I know that CASPA allows for a max of 5 LORs however, if both professors and the PA write me a LOR then I'll have 4 on file and I don't know how schools pick which ones to look at? because I know some schools say do no submit more than three and what not. What should I do?

Thanks in advance!

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Get on those LOR's ASAP!  This is the part of your application that takes the most time since you are relying on others to upload them.  

I always recommend to people to have these all done with the authors prepared to upload by the first week CASPA opens.  Hopefully yours get uploaded quickly and won't delay the time you can submit and verify.

PS - I believe programs are able to see who wrote what and what their positions are and choose the ones they require.

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I've put in my two cents before, but here goes:

Get LORs from people who really know you and can do more than write a vanilla letter on your behalf. The PA who let you shadow him for a few days is probably not that guy. 

I read LORs a fair amount and every so often I see one that paints a picture. The best one was from an applicant's college soccer coach. It told us a lot about what kid of person she was, how she responded to stress, how others could count on her with concrete examples, etc.  Believe me, it made an impression.

Getting an LOR is definitely not just checking a box. If possible, get ones that can say things about you that you could never say about yourself.

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