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  1. I was just offered a seat at my top choice/local school and this was such a hard decision because I absolutely loved this program but I decided to drop my seat for the class of 2021! Good luck to you guys!!
  2. When do you guys think the waitlist will move? Going a tad bit crazy here with checking my email/calling messaging system.....
  3. Just received an update that I am on waitlist! I heard it was ranked but will they email us or do we ask?
  4. Just received an interview for 2/4! I will be declining due to accepting a seat elsewhere! Applied on 6/18
  5. Hi guys! I got a continued consideration email after the 11/7 interview. Does that mean waitlist? And if so is the waitlist ranked?
  6. Hi guys! Any last minute interview advice? I’ll be interviewing at RFUMS tomorrow. Anyone else?
  7. I was offered a seat today! Went on the waitlist after the 8/30 interview. Unfortunately I had to decline my seat due to accepting elsewhere! Goodluck to the rest!
  8. I applied on June 18th and haven’t heard back
  9. Received an interview invite for 11/27 yesterday night! Will be declining due to another acceptance and because I don’t think I want to do the MPH ? Applied on 6/19 and supplemental invite received on 8/10 and submitted 4 days later. Good luck guys!!
  10. Just received acceptance email from the 10/2 interview! However, will be accepting seat at NOVA Orlando instead! Good luck to the rest who interviewed with me and to you all!
  11. Hi guys, I’m interviewing tomorrow but just got accepted to one of my top choices! Do you think it’s too late to email Michelle to decline the interview and withdraw my app?
  12. Hi guys, who do we email to withdraw application off the waitlist?
  13. Quick question for y’all. I just realized I never emailed Ms. Hayes to accept the waitlist position but was just accepted to another program. So do I have to email them or is it implied that I’m not on the waitlist and that my application is withdrawn?
  14. Received and interview invite earlier today for 12/7! Verified on 6/18 and got the continued consideration email on 8/31. Second time applicant and Chicago native. Fingers crossed!
  15. Accepted this afternoon! First acceptance! Second time applicant and so very grateful!!
  16. Hi guys! Anyone from the 9/26 interview hear anything from Sarah today?
  17. Oh gotchya! Do you know how many are on the waitlist by any chance? I got an email saying a decision was made on my portal about 30 mins ago! Good luck to you!
  18. Waitlisted! I wonder how many people they have on the waitlist and if it’s ranked
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