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Shift differential

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For those of you who work per diem/hourly, if you were hypothetically asked to cover a shift with virtually no notice, what do you think differential should be? Do you make more on holidays? 


I work at an urgent care and was asked to cover a shift same day for about 4 hours after my regular day in family medicine was over. If this were you, would you ask for more on top of what you usually make due to having to change plans/adapt your life to work?


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6 hours ago, Cideous said:

Ask for that where I work and they will just replace you with one of the other 50 people standing in line to take your Urgent Care job....

Yeah, I'd rather move to the boonies than stay in a saturated market like that.  Probably get fired for not giving ABX on demand, too, wouldn't you?

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