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Anyone take the ACLS Experienced Provider course yet?

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My work is offering it for free, but it's a day of my life, and it's not soon enough to avoid having to take the regular ACLS recert.

Anyone take it and have thoughts, opinions or commentary on its value?

Here's the AHA blurb for anyone who's interested:


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I took an EP class that my employer offered a couple of years ago. I preferred it to the traditional recert for that purpose, but it sounds like you'll have already re-certified by the time the class comes around. In your shoes, I don't think I'd take it again. For anyone who uses ACLS with any frequency, there's only so much to be gained from sitting around and talking about it for a few hours.  

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Took it a few years ago.  I thought it was cool because instead of watching a video and running a mega-code, there is a lot more theory and evidence-based discussion.  Definitely worth it as a recert.

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