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  1. Hi there, I have my 2nd interview for an inpatient GI position coming up. It sounds like a good step for me coming from family practice/ geriatrics. can someone tell me what day to day inpatient service is like? What are challenges I might not be aware of ahead of time? what are good resources to study? thanks TW
  2. private family practice PA-C here. looking to change specalities and need new ACLS and BLS certification. I was thinking of using promed; it looks pretty simple. I notice on the sample card that it mentions american heart association but obviously is not actually distributed by AHA. Will this be a problem when applying to jobs? Should I just take the time and got to AHA class in person?
  3. basic questions here: I'm a new grad and just started practicing in a private family med clinic seeing acute care pts. what are the recommended professional societies to join here? also, I'm considering getting a DEA; can anyone give me the run down? I know I need CME but are some CME resources better than others? Do I have to complete it prior to applying? any suggested reading resources? (not apps or pocket guides; got that covered)
  4. RETWEET. What would actually be helpful for me? I need something quick for while in clinic but also maybe something to study and read up from at home ( I have my cecil text from diadactic but its so big and takes forever to sift through)
  5. New Grad here! when someone says " What are you looking for in a job" what really needs to be incorporated? I know everyone is unique and theres no right answer...and so on. But I'm an excited, flexible, new grad just looking for a team that I will enjoy. I feel like everytime I am asked I tend to ramble. Any advice? muchos gracias!
  6. Clinical year we get a week off around Christmas so there is no available weekend. We start Clinicals early July and I am from Florida so summer weddings are not very popular with guests that time of year.
  7. I know people say cast a wide net when applying to schools. I was more strategic. I found a school that has far less applicants than in my home state. I ended up getting an interview and I really enjoy this program. Play the numbers in you favor is all I have to say!
  8. So someone tell me if I'm being completely crazy! I'm looking to get married during my clinical phase. I have a planner and a lot of help so its not the coordinating that's an issue but physically setting aside a weekend seems ambiguous. I know clinical year leaves you more time for yourself though. I talked to our director and the solution was to put me on a rotation that has shift work (like the ED) during the time of my wedding. I am out of state so I need a little time to travel but I really only need 3 days total. Our director is willing to help with setting aside an ED rotation (it is pr
  9. I have a class mate that delivered her baby during our didactic phase. Programs cannot hold that against you; its illegal. As long as you have a good support system you can make it work.
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