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  1. If so, please comment why or why not. Trying to decide how to best protect myself moving forward. Thanks!
  2. I looked into this position about 18 months ago, and I had a good conversation with their ops director, but my friend who is a former Naval Aviator and now works for a Medevac company in Texas told me their safety culture was seriously lacking and discouraged me from moving forward in the process.
  3. I have found that large hospital systems, especially academic centers, are difficult to get in the door and even more difficult to check the status of your application. Have you looked into any staffing firms in Atlanta that have posted jobs? The one job I did interview for at an academic center, it was at least 4-8 weeks before I heard back they were interested in scheduling an interview. Unfortunately, these large systems often do not have processes in place to recruit PAs like they recruit physicians.
  4. I guess this is a little late, but I would start by calling it "cardiac surgery" or "cardiothoracic surgery" instead of "cardiology surgery" or "cardio surgery". Hope it turned out well for you.
  5. Austin has both one PA (Mr. Baker) rolling solo in a Ford Explorer as well as a community paramedic team.
  6. 1) Agree with taking your resume and cover letter personally to practices where you want to work. 2) I have commuted for 2 jobs, one was 60 miles away and one was 80 miles away. Both were the job I wanted, just not the location. It was worth it to get that experience.
  7. Is that the going rate for outpatient medicine in California? How is minimum wage $15/hr, but you're practicing medicine for $25/hr? How much do nurses make there?
  8. EM:RAP still has good content, and has added a lot of "core content" over the past few years, despite a lot of the monthly topics being fluff pieces. ACEP has an online "academy" for new practitioners that's a good overview. Dr. Smith's ECG blog is excellent. The other recommendations above are also good resources.
  9. Another option to consider is transferring to another department within the hospital. I would document all of the conversations you've had about this and thoroughly document your recollection of the incident in question. It can be really hard to navigate office politics, especially when an NP has their big girl pants on. Since you're a new grad, I assume you're still in orientation and perhaps that's why this person feels they have such direct control over you. The most sinister part of this story is how presumably this lead NP got all of her friends to file complaints against you.
  10. I would just ask them to match your salary and agree to a 2 year contract or something so they don't feel like they're getting screwed on the OJT period. I don't think $200K is that much of a reach, but the real hurdle you're going to have is how much the other PAs there are already making. They can't bring you in and pay you substantially more without pissing off others. What I will say also is that the PA profession is likely underpaid and that in high paying specialties where there are fewer competent people, the salary range can be quite broad. Also true is when you start a new
  11. Can you clarify if these are "fringe" benefits like CME, parking, bonus, free food/coffee vs actual benefits like health insurance, retirement, etc. Also, never discount the real value of a good match. Free money in your retirement is worth several times what it is today when you cash it in at retirement.
  12. You're putting the card ahead of the horse a bit, but what I will say is not knowing anything about this particular transplant residency and what it offers, you would probably be best served by a more generalized surgical/critical care residency where you will learn valuable procedural and operative skills and a good, broad physiology base. I doubt you'd have any problem getting a job in transplant surgery after a surgical residency if that's what you end up wanting to do, but you may pigeon hole yourself a little bit if you focus just on transplant in residency.
  13. Agree with above. Do the residency if you can get into a legit one. Avoid the corporate internships.
  14. One thing about this I haven't understood is how are there no restrictions on other areas of practice? I'm an NP, so I can just start practicing cardiology independently? Can I do surgery and critical care? I get the argument for primary care, but any specialty should have some barriers in place.
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