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  1. You can also ask them what the other PAs in the group made in RVU compensation for the last year (i.e. a range) to get a sense of what you can expect from RVU compensation.
  2. Hospital seeks physician assistant for FT or PRN job in high-acuity, community hospital med/surg ICU in northern Virginia. Procedures include central lines, arterial lines, endotracheal intubation, paracentesis, thoracentesis and thoracostomies. Manage patients autonomously with board-certified intensivist supervision.
  3. narcan

    New Grad CCM Job resources

    Read Marino and Read Owens cover to cover. Read Pulmcrit and Emcrit and listen to the podcasts. Attend the Difficult Airway Course. Attend an ultrasound course. The CHEST course in Chicago is excellent. Have an attending who likes to teach.
  4. This happened to me once. I was able to get my old hospital to run a report of all of my patient encounters by age/sex and complaint, and they accepted this. I didn't have procedure logs, but I've never needed procedure logs except for expanded scope stuff (e.g. central lines, etc.). I would definitely start by asking your biller/coder and/or HIM contact if they can pull your case logs for you. Also, everyone knows credentialing is insanity. Don't get too upset or worry about having a job without talking to the physician/recruiter who hired you first. I can't tell you the number of times HR has asked for some crazy shit and then I got my department head or attending physician to make a phone call and take care of it. And worst case, contact an attorney. There may be a case where you can sue for lost wages for not telling you of this "undue burden" when they offered you the job.
  5. No problem. Sounds like this is a good offer, altogether. I would try and talk to some of the current PAs or NPs who work there and get the inside scoop on the working conditions and see what their job satisfaction is like, but if you're young and haven't dealt with too much bullshit yet, you can definitely power through a year or two at this place for that kind of money and benefits to pay off loans and get a good base of experience before finding that "dream" job.
  6. Sounds pretty good for 10 months out of school. If you're being paid hourly, you could ask about a weekend diff, which if you're willing to work more weekends could equal lots of extra money. I'm skeptical of this $25 per patient bonus. Is that within an hour of patient 1 and patient 4? Is that by the clock hour (e.g. patient 1 checks in at 12:58 but then 3 more check in at 1:02 = no bonus)? It may just be something "nice" they're trying to do for when you're getting slammed, but make sure it's set up to actually reward you. Also, check to see if your week off for CME comes out of your 3 weeks of PTO vs unpaid time vs it's actually a 4th week of PTO. Lastly, I highly recommend HippoED's Urgent Care RAP podcast if you're into podcasts. Great use of CME money.
  7. narcan

    LECOM APAP undecided....

    Curious as to why you're tied to where you are in Florida? Most physicians and PAs had to move for school, residency and/or work. Better to do it now before you have kids and live in a "good school district". Another possibility to explore is to ask LECOM if you can defer your acceptance for a year. I don't know if med schools do this or not, but a lot of colleges at least allow this. I would generally agree with the consensus here: you didn't apply to med school for the money back when you were working in urgent care, and you were lucky enough and talented enough to get a slot in a 3 year program. You'll never regret having gone to med school, especially if the money isn't a big factor for you. You might be miserable while you're in school and residency, but I guarantee you're not going to be a fully autonomous practicing physician making north of $300K and be like, "darn I wish I would've just stayed a PA". The possibility that you regret NOT taking this opportunity though is huge. Pascal's Wager dictates you should take the safer bet. I would say I'm sorry you have to make this tough decision, but I'm not.
  8. https://www.wpr.org/la-crosse-ambulance-service-using-essential-oils-instead-opioids Speaking of the placebo effect...
  9. Does anyone have any direct experience doing anything non-clinical, remote or telehealth? Asking for a friend...
  10. narcan

    Another bad op/ed on PAs

    I know it's my "job" to be on the team and hate this op-ed with every fiber of my being, but he makes a fair point. Most large EM groups are requiring this, there isn't enough time for supervision, education or collaboration, and it's all being driven by corporate greed. I do agree that the answer is independent practice with collaborative agreements and then the PA/NP is responsible for knowing their limits, just like an obstetrician knows not to do lap choles. Side point, the proliferation of online programs with create your own rotations with your friends by educational institutions that are owned by Corporate America can't possibly match the quality provided by an established, reputable, academic program.
  11. How'd you get them to schedule you any way you request?
  12. You're making $73 an hour, which if you assume the "average American" works 40 hours per week, is 2,080 hours per year, which is the equivalent of $151,840. You choose to only work 5 shifts per pay period, which is 60 hours, or only about 75% of what the "average" person works per pay period. So your salary is actually quite good, you're just only working at 0.75 FTE.
  13. I thought the subscription was only good for one year?
  14. narcan

    Any Other PAs Commissioning to the Army?

    They're sending you guys to Polk now for part of BOLC? I spent 11 days in the field at Polk, and I never want to go back.

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