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I'm in a tangle at the moment. I finally got a job as a direct care support staff member for Rescare (if anyone knows the company). I would basically be helping people with daily living in assisted living homes, but also be doing more medically related tasks such as taking vitals and distributing medication. However, I'd only be able to work weekends.

I just got an offer to be a medical screener for a plasma donation center. I would take the usual vital signs of patients and also check hemotin and protein levels through finger pricks. I would actually be able to work full time with the hours they would let me work, but it sounds like they would replace the direct care support job.

Do you guys think PA schools would hold being a medical screener in a higher regard than a direct support staff member? I would be able to get more hours as a medical screener done and I paid better. But, with the low gpa of 3.2 I need all the boosting I can get with my experiences so I'm willing to stick with the weekend work and keep looking for other work.

It's difficult too because I'm taking 4 classes this semester and it only leaves my monday wednesday fridays and weekends available. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help. 

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15 hours ago, PSU1012 said:

but it sounds like they would replace the direct care support job.

I am confused about this statement. If the plasma center is going to hire you as a medical screener only to eventually replace the job, then it does not sound like a good option. I know gaining hours is important, but your GPA is also vital to your application. What classes are you taking? You want to ensure you can put in the time/effort to get As in your coursework while working and not burning out halfway through the semester. The position at Rescare sounds like it might meet both your goals of gaining PCE while having enough time to get good grades.

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