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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! First I want to say I’m new to this forum but from looking at many posts I really enjoy how friendly everyone is I wanted to see other’s opinions about PCE as an Ophthalmic Assistant (COA). I believe this does qualify at many school for PCE, but I was wondering if, because a COA is all about optometry, does it make any less valuable? I have the option of doing an MA program or this COA program, but I’m more interested in the COA (and it’s cheaper). Of course I do want to be as competitive as possible, so does being an MA working in many specialities and around general general medicine more valuable to PA programs than a COA who is only around optometrists/ophthalmologists?
  2. Hi! Wanted to start a thread for those looking for PCE. It can be daunting and scary (especially with COVID) to find jobs. Did you have a cool PCE job? List it! I am a dietitian, but work with some great teammates who didn't need special courses after their undergrad to be: Physical Therapy Aide Patient Care Tech Chiropractic Assistant Rehab Aide Ophthalmology Assistant Behavioral Health Tech Still check with your programs to make sure they accept these as PCE! Remember to really know what part of the job descriptions count as patient care.
  3. Hello, I am looking to shadow a PA in Orange County area/ LA county area. Preferably Orange County, anyone have any advise on how to find someone to shadow. All of the PAs that i have asked aren't allowed to let me shadow them. I have already applied for PA school however, have yet to be accepted, I am going to reapply and looking to get some more experience. Also, unrelated but does anyone know if being a SCRIBE would count as direct patient care?? I recently was offered a position however, I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry and it would be A LOT less pay, with no opportunity to get insurance, Im unsure whether i should accept it or not??? THANKS!!!
  4. Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great week. I've been a dietitian now for almost 7 years (times FLIES!), however, I've been thinking about perusing PA ever since I was in my dietetic internship. I went even as far as shadowing the top PA at the local hospital during my dietetic internship. The PA plan kind of got pushed to the side due to life, getting full time dietitian jobs, advancing in my career and etc. The PA route has ALWAYS been on the back of my mind, and now more than ever. I am the main dietitian in the neurosurgical ICU at my hospital, and cover several ICU's. It is apparent how much medicine interests me and how I yearn to be able to do more clinically and for the patient. I work directly with PA's, MD's, nurses, therapists, etc. Does any know if this counts as direct patient care? Additionally, I review labs, provide tube feeding and diet/vitamins recommendations, create nutrition diagnoses, educate patients and families, and etc. Also, I am 30 years old, and likely have to retake some science courses, as they are now >10 years old. Need some encouragement that I am NOT too old to do this! Thanks in advanced! Ali
  5. Hello all! I am going to be applying for the PA class starting in 2019. Can anyone give me a ballpark answer on how much patient experience is needed? I have 520 hours patient contact and 160 PA shadow hours. The website only says 80 is competitive but I thought it must be much more than that!
  6. Hi everyone! I have a quick question regarding acceptable direct patient care experience for PA school. So I'm taking a gap year (or two) between graduating with my B.S. and applying to PA school and just finished a CNA course so I can get a job involving direct patient care. However, one of the hospitals I applied to for a CNA job wants to consider me for a full-time patient advocate position based on my prior education and experience (B.S. in speech pathology, 2 years hospital research experience, long history of hospital volunteering, etc.). I wasn't really sure all of what a patient advocate position entailed when the hiring manager mentioned it over the phone but from my discussion with her, as well as from outside research, it sounds like a patient advocate is someone who acts as a mediator between patients and doctors, helping patients understand medical procedures, helping with insurance issues, and responding to complaints or special requests. I don't want to waste my time in a position if it doesn't count for direct patient care, but I wanted to get some opinions as to whether or not this could be the case. I feel that since the job requires working closely with both patients and healthcare providers, it might count. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  7. I'm in a tangle at the moment. I finally got a job as a direct care support staff member for Rescare (if anyone knows the company). I would basically be helping people with daily living in assisted living homes, but also be doing more medically related tasks such as taking vitals and distributing medication. However, I'd only be able to work weekends. I just got an offer to be a medical screener for a plasma donation center. I would take the usual vital signs of patients and also check hemotin and protein levels through finger pricks. I would actually be able to work full time with the hours they would let me work, but it sounds like they would replace the direct care support job. Do you guys think PA schools would hold being a medical screener in a higher regard than a direct support staff member? I would be able to get more hours as a medical screener done and I paid better. But, with the low gpa of 3.2 I need all the boosting I can get with my experiences so I'm willing to stick with the weekend work and keep looking for other work. It's difficult too because I'm taking 4 classes this semester and it only leaves my monday wednesday fridays and weekends available. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help.
  8. I just submitted to two schools that did not require any patient care hours because I wanted to get the app in earlier, however, I would still like to apply to schools that do require a certain number of hours. Do I just add the additional hours as a new experience? Thank you! -Carolyn
  9. Hi everyone! Confession: I'm struggling to find PCE. I'm graduating with my B.S. in Biology next month, and throughout college I've had some healthcare jobs and what might (might might might) constitute as a PCE gig (I was a caregiver for a girl with cerebral palsy for the better part of a year--LOTS of hands-on, medication-giving, bathing, wiping, feeding, teeth-brushing, etc. experience, as she was unable to do these things herself). I say it might count because it isn't in a traditional clinical setting, but I've had several people (PAs included) tell me they think it could count. So, I dunno. I'd love to hear your thoughts, if you have any on that matter. Anyway, I am going to give it a shot this application cycle, as my grades, GRE, shadowing, and LORS are good, my only weakness being PCE. But, I need a job. I'm about to be thrown out into the world for a year (or two, or three...however long it takes me to get in!) before beginning my program. I want patient care experience--I also want a job that allows me to pay rent. My question is...how do I find this great PCE job?? I have applied to dozens and dozens of them, and have come out with nothing. I don't have my CNA, or CMA. Some jobs I've applied to require neither, as they are private practices and just need a medical assistant for an extra hand. I could get a certification this summer, and I suppose that would be a good way to ensure employment come fall. Do y'all have suggestions? Is there a better way? What did you do? I appreciate any advice! *ALSO: just to make clear, the schools I'm applying to (all in Texas) don't require PCE but recommend it; it would make me a stronger applicant next cycle if I don't get in this year if I stacked up some good hours, but, like I said, I'm a strong applicant in the other components of my application which makes me feel a little bit better.* OK, go! Thanks so much in advance for your advice!
  10. Clinical Research Internship Opportunity Attention all prospective PA students. Are you looking to satisfy the patient care experience requirement, receive a letter of recommendation and earn scholarships to help with PA school tuition? Our clinical research team at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center has four positions open for paid, direct patient care experience in OB/GYN and pediatrics. Actively recruiting trial indications: pre-term labor tocolytic, HPV-related cervical dysplasia treatment vaccine and RSV prophylactic vaccine in pregnancy. These spots are reserved for people that have completed their undergraduate studies and are interested in conducting clinical research trials for a minimum of one year. Full-time hours available, starting at $15.00/hr. Plus scholarships based on job performance (up to $5,000)! Essential Job Functions: Working closely with the Clinical Research Team, the Clinical Research Intern will work on assigned research projects. Tasks and responsibilities include: recruiting study participants; enrolling patients and obtaining informed consent; performing protocol procedures and patient assessments; developing and maintaining databases; conducting follow-up contact; and providing general assistance with project-related administrative tasks. Educational & Professional Skills: Candidates must be enrolled in their final year of undergraduate studies. Successful candidates must have excellent oral and written communication skills, including strong telephone skills; and have basic computer skills (Word, Excel). While no research experience is necessary, as a comprehensive training will be given the first week, it is preferred. Medical assistants As a practicing PA in Women’s Health, I can ensure you this is an excellent opportunity to further prepare yourself for PA school! Kind regards, Kristin Batla PA-C, CCRC OB/GYN PA Fellowship Director and Clinical Research Director Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 400 N. Pepper Ave., Colton, CA 92324 BatlaK@armc.sbcounty.gov (909) 580-3474 and Guillermo Valenzuela MD Chairman, Women’s Health Dept
  11. I have heard differing opinions and sides as to whether or not to talk about some bad grades throughout undergrad in your personal statement... Is this something you should definitely include? Or would focusing more on patient experiences/more impactful work that led you to the PA profession be more beneficial? Or should you figure out how to include a couple bad grades and good patient experiences all in one? Any and all advice much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. For those interested in a hands-on healthcare opportunity: Mezona Orthopaedic in Gilbert, AZ is currently hiring for a student intern position to work alongside an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands and wrists. Applicants must be available to work Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am-5pm. Applicants must be graduated from college or currently graduating seniors, and commit to one year of employment. This position offers the opportunity to: -Assess and treat conditions related to upper extremities. Assessment and treatment include: obtaining patient vitals, assessing signs, symptoms and previous treatment, ordering necessary imaging, presenting the patient's case and treatment to the provider, casting, splinting and removing sutures. -Conduct nerve studies using sensitive electromyography equipment to better assess the severity of nerve damage for diagnoses such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an excellent opportunity for students and recent graduates interested in attending medical or PA school to gain hands on experience in the medical field. Please message me for further details.
  13. Hi! I will be going into my senior year of college in the fall as a Public Health major. It need some advice on becoming a PA.... The reason why I want to pursue a career as a PA is because of my experience with one. When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with melanoma. My usual dermatologist was out one day and I saw the dermatology PA instead...she was even better than my usual doctor...so engaging and personable. Ever since she has sparked the idea in my head of becoming a PA... I am just really curious on current or past PA students experiences getting accepted into school. I currently have a 3.2 GPA (and hope it keeps going up). I have little to no direct patient care experience. I work in a nursing home in the dietary services...and have been a volunteer with the Melanoma Foundation of New England for 3 years. (Running events and speaking to colleges|high schools on melanoma) I need to take only 3 more prerequisites after I graduate with my bachelors degree... Basically...I need all the advice I can get! I have no guidance in this from professors at my school and want to know your experiences! When should I apply to school?? What should I do to get direct patient care experience? Is becoming a PCA at my nursing home too safe or do I need to become an EMT or phlebotomist?? I look forward to hearing from you!
  14. Hello! So here are my stats so far Year: Junior Major: Allied health Current gpa: 3.4 *last semester I got a 4.0 and my goal is 4.0 for my remaining 3 semesters Science gpa: not sure...but here are my prereq grades- gen chem B-/B (two semester sequence with lab) Enhanced A&P: C+ both semesters organic: A organic lab: A Biology: AP credit In progress: Genetics, A so far next semester will be micro and immuniology Patient care hours: 80 from ER research (working with patients), currently certified as a CNA, I also work as a PCA for a kid on campus during the semester. I will be working as a CNA this summer and until PA school to build hours. Extras: Student research assistant in an ER, premed society, allied health club (debating if I should join the red cross club...will it help?) Concerns!- My anatomy grade is well...bad. Any suggestions? I know I do not want to retake it at my university and I feel it will be my make or break for acceptance...my only excuse is not having the study skills that I have now. I hope that my jump to straight As will show improvement. Any suggestions on how to improve myself to apply? Also I will be taking a year off before applying. Also my dream school right now is quinnipiac, they told my that my A&P grade meets their requirements but isn't competative, I know they value HCE very highly.
  15. Hey guys, I'm sorry I know there are probably 8 million different threads for this but I'm completely new here and haven't learned my way around. Anyway most of the schools I am applying to such as: Quinnipiac U, Cornell, University of Florida and SBU require around 2000 hours of patient care. I know most of these hours can come easily by having a certification but I'm on a time crunch and don't really think I can get certified in anything right now. (Almost in my senior year of my bachelor's) Would being a hospital attendent count as patient care? This is the description from the hospital: As a priority, transport patients, equipment and materials/computer printouts/specimens to all areas of the hospital in the most timely and efficient manner in a way that exhibits a courteous customer service attitude. Locate equipment during retrieval runs to replenish our inventory. Transport the deceased to the hospital morgue. Wash equipment in the equipment washing area of Transport Services. Monitor the dispatching responsibility by answering phones, logging calls and dispatching Transport Services Personnel. Perform daily scheduled runs for the delivery of computerized reports, supplies and Medical Records. Responsible to ensure that all services are being performed efficiently and acts as the responsible party to respond to service issues and take appropriate remedial action. It's not much hands-on, but many of the schools accept pharmacy tech as HCE and I don't see how thats direct patient care either. Sorry again for this long post. Any help would be appreciated :;-D:
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