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Found 8 results

  1. So I finally got a job at my dream hospital!! I am currently working there as a Patient Care Technician/ PCT. However, I will be leaving for PA school next year. I really want to return to this hospital and work as a PA! The problem is that getting a job at my hospital is super competitive. Is there a way for me to ensure/ increase my chances of getting a PA job in this facility in the future? (Also, what do you guys think of requesting a absense of leave instead of quitting? Can I be able to come back to the hospital to pursue a higher position?) Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm in a tangle at the moment. I finally got a job as a direct care support staff member for Rescare (if anyone knows the company). I would basically be helping people with daily living in assisted living homes, but also be doing more medically related tasks such as taking vitals and distributing medication. However, I'd only be able to work weekends. I just got an offer to be a medical screener for a plasma donation center. I would take the usual vital signs of patients and also check hemotin and protein levels through finger pricks. I would actually be able to work full time with the hours they would let me work, but it sounds like they would replace the direct care support job. Do you guys think PA schools would hold being a medical screener in a higher regard than a direct support staff member? I would be able to get more hours as a medical screener done and I paid better. But, with the low gpa of 3.2 I need all the boosting I can get with my experiences so I'm willing to stick with the weekend work and keep looking for other work. It's difficult too because I'm taking 4 classes this semester and it only leaves my monday wednesday fridays and weekends available. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help.
  3. Hi, My name is Tori and I will soon be graduating from college with a major in Biology. I took all of the necessary classes to be a PA, my g.p.a is above 3.0(although not by a lot), and I have a little volunteer experience in the health field. Since I felt like I was likely not to qualify to get into PA school (although I'm still going to try), I decided to sign up for a one-year Masters of Biomedical Science program. Now, here's my dilemma, I can't decide whether it is worth it going to a MSBS program or if I should get more work experience. Do you think that going to this kind of program will be beneficial? I plan on working and going to school so either way I am going to get healthcare experience. This program also offers an externship in the spring where I would have to complete around 120 hours. I want the best chance at getting into PA school. Also, right now I am working as an Administrative Medical Assistant at a dermatology office. I was wondering if that work counts as direct patient care? A lot of people have told me that it does, but I want to hear that from a few people who have applied and gotten into PA schooling. Thank you, and please respond soon!
  4. Hello So one criteria to get into PA program is "1,000 hours direct patient care experience". Besides EMT what are some other great areas I could do? I should also add I do not have a bio degree. I had a totally different degree in East Asian Studies/ Japanese and am switching gears to go back to school to be a PA. Some of these direct patient care jobs seem to need a bio undergrad degree. Is there direct patient care that doesn't require a degree or lengthy certification process? Between that and prerequisites and the experience itself I don't want to wrack up years and years Thanks so much
  5. Hi guys! I've been a hospice volunteer for a little over a year now and am wondering if those hours count as direct patient care in CASPA. I am touching and holding and doing basic care for the people, much like I did in my CNA work. Does this count as direct patient care or does it go under volunteering hours, or both? Please help! Mricca1
  6. Hello, I am unsure as to which category my volunteer position falls under: I volunteer at a nursing home (specifically, the Alzheimer's/dementia community) and I act as an activities leader. My duties consist of helping develop and lead mentally stimulating activities and discussions, perform hand massages (for the sensory experience program), lead chair exercises and assist residents via hand over hand or hand under hand, help with transporting residents to different areas, and lead our singing group. I am applying next cycle and plan to list this as "Other health related experience" for now. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I just graduated with Bachelor's in Biology at UCSD. It has not been long since I've learned about PA and that I realized that this was what I do for my life. But because I decided on this a little later than I should, I am lost. I still have about a year sequence of prerequisite courses to fulfill and about 2000 hours of direct care ( I am thinking about getting a certificate @riverside community college-- considering the prerequisites, tuition, distance of the program, but where I go does not really matter as long as I can afford the tuition.) I really wish to get a paid direct patient care job (because I am financially independent) but most of them I researched are either volunteering jobs or require certificate. Other than CCE (for it is only for 3months), do I have any other options? I also considered getting a certificate but I see they are all time consuming programs. So my questions are: is there a relatively short term certificates for direct care jobs? or is there a paid direct care jobs that count towards PA requirements? Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, I know the topic of direct patient care is a talked about one, but I couldn't find any posts that answered my specific question. It didn't even occur to me, but I work part time whilst in school as a social companion for the elderly. I don't do anything medical for them, but most/all have an issue medically or mentally that I interact with. Would this qualify as direct patient care?
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