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  1. Not me....but CONGRATS to you!! :)
  2. I am too....I will see you there!!
  3. Congrats....are you morning or afternoon?
  4. Awesome....congrats and good luck!!!
  5. I'm an out of stater and even though I am above USA's required minimum number of PCE, I'm not sure that I have the number of hours that they like to see in their applicants. But....I guess it doesn't hurt to hold out a little hope!! :)
  6. Have you tried calling them to find out if they have secured their rotation sites? If they have, I have no doubt that they would share that information with you as a potential student.
  7. I interviewed last Thursday (12th) and I assume I won't hear back for another few weeks. Congrats on the UAB interview! @zrader!
  8. Go back to PCOM's site, log in and look at the bottom of the page......your fee will post with a date and your LOR should also post with a late. If you have more questions you cam PM me.
  9. Only 1 of the applicants received an acceptance offer. I believe that all or most others are waiting to hear and that may not happen until December!
  10. I've only seen interviews for October 2nd, 23rd and 30th on the board and only one person has said they were accepted from the 2nd interview.
  11. Wishing you the best of luck!!
  12. I am thinking that long timers like @UGoLong, @EMEDPA or @rev ronin as well as others can give you insight on the provisional status and what any potential future issues could be!
  13. That's awesome, no preconceived notions!! :) I am beyond excited and feeling truly blessed to have received an interview....I feel like a child on Christmas morning!! LOL
  14. Can you tell me what a closed file interview is?
  15. Congrats to both of you, @jordezeand @tmj1722!! I am unfamiliar with USA's process. Do all invitations go out at once or are they sent in stages over the next couple of months? Thanks!