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  1. UAB only has 1 round. They send out all invitations at one time, if anyone declines they fill those spots, Once interviews (usually the 1st week of November) take place they fill all of the seats, and again if anyone declines their seat they fill the spot with someone from the waitlist. Once the class is full they send out the waitlist and rejection letters.
  2. The class president for the class above you will start an official facebook page for your class and include all of you once the class is filled. I'm assuming that will happen in the next couple of weeks.
  3. UAB sends all invitations out at one time, as people decline they will fill those spots. Hope this helps.
  4. Unless they change the process this year. Rejections will not go out until interviews are complete, acceptances are sent out and the class is full. Basically if you don't get an interview a rejection will come at the end of the process.
  5. No, they don't do rolling admissions. I haven't seen their supplemental in a few years, but they were simple questions when I applied.
  6. We will complete 2 online 3 week rotations (make up from spring rotations already paid for) and will not resume until late August. When we finish our clinical year, we will have not completed 720 hours of our original program planned/scheduled hours, and will not been given a break on tuition. We are paying full summer tuition and won't be in rotations. That's not right, especially when higher education is getting millions in stimulus dollars. I understand that classes can be taken online, but there is no substitute for clinical rotations.
  7. Our program consists of 11 4-week rotations. We completed 2 4-week rotations before being pulled. We are now scheduled to complete 2 online "elective rotations" in May/June and upon our return in August we will complete 7 3-week rotations.
  8. I can't figure out how they plan to keep us out 5 months and plan to have us graduate on time. I'm curious to know what other schools are doing.
  9. We were pulled in March with everyone else and are being told will not resume until August 24th, losing 18 weeks of our clinical rotation!
  10. Question for PA students in clinical rotations that were halted due to Covid 19. When does your program plan to restart your rotations?
  11. Does anyone have newer recommendations on shoes for being on your feet all day?
  12. The class of 2018 had 88 students, 87 took the PANCE and the class of 2019 dropped to 80 students.
  13. Yes you can, but you will have to pay the non-refundable deposits to both schools and will ultimately lose one deposit when you give up your seat.
  14. I read about the growing need for medical providers as well as the projected job growth for PA's at 37% from 2016 - 2026 (per Dept. of Labor). Out of curiosity, if markets are becoming over saturated why are new PA programs popping up everywhere?
  15. You are correct in the fact that having something bad happen or losing control doesn't define a person by any means, but it speaks volumes to their mental, emotional and/or psychological state at the time. I believe these older and experienced guys/ladies have been around the block a few times and know the pressures and demands that come with PA school to say the least. The fact that he/she gotten off of their meds for depression and anxiety and quit seeing their therapist, had too much to drink and was threatening to hurt themselves is a huge red flag and speaks to the lack of sound judgmen
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