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Low GPA: should I wait another year to apply?

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cGPA: 3.15 and sGPA: 3.08. (My sophomore/junior year, I was dealing with depression and other mental issues, which is unfortunately reflected on my grades). I retook a General Chemistry class that I got a C- in in my undergrad, and received an A. My graduate sGPA/cGPA is 3.78.


my GRE scores: Verbal: 159, Quantitative: 167, Writing: 4.0


I have about 3000+ hours of direct patient care experience as an ophthalmic technician, and will be continuing to accrue. 

I have about 200+ volunteering hours from volunteering at a general hospital, from my undergrad., etc, and will also be continuing to accrue.

I will also have a few PA shadowing hours by the time I apply (20+).


I know my GPA is very low, but I am wondering if I should take a shot and apply this cycle, or if I should wait another year to accrue more HCE/volunteering/shadowing hours.


Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!

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I think with your current stats, you should give it a shot. Your shadowing hours is sufficient. With your GPA, I would advise you to apply broadly. Meanwhile, you can look for some long-term volunteering activities. It does not have to be healthcare related (and if anything can help you more if they're not).

You can start writing your personal statement now and use the time to polish it up. Basically, talk about why you want to be a PA. Get everything in as soon as possible and apply early (Mid-May-Early June).

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