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  1. Although there's no minimum GRE score to apply for Duke, they do post what is considered competitive on their FAQ. The 50th percentile of accepted applicants ranged from 155-161 for the Verbal section for my incoming class. Because Duke does a holistic review of your application, you having a Verbal score below that range does not put you out of the running. At least for Duke, all sections of the GRE are equally important. From my experiences from applying, I believe many others view it that way too. You just need to be strong in other aspects of your application like your PS, letters of rec, leadership, supplemental essays, etc. The year I applied had around 2700 applicants. Only 250 were given interviews. You need to stand out and you're the best person to determine how you can do that.
  2. Really depends on the program. For me I heard back as early as one week since verification to 4 months. Schools start reviewing their apps at different times.
  3. Lenoir Rhyne also has a PA program. It was the first school I applied to. Interviewed around mid-late July and got accepted the same day of my interview. I interviewed for all of the NC PA programs except Gardner Webb and UNC. Didn't apply to the former and applied but did not receive an interview from the latter. It's going to be difficult receiving an interview from UNC as they strongly prefer veterans, but it doesn't hurt to try if you have the funds to apply. I actually found the Manhattan prep books helpful, particularly in the Quantitative portion. They have books covering most, if not all, of the concepts that can be covered in the GRE. In college I took up to Calculus 3. I definitely needed the review in some of the things I haven't taken since high school. I just skimmed through most of it but put in more attention to the topics I felt I wasn't well prepared for and spent a lot of times doing practice problems. Overall I spent around 2 weeks studying. Like 2 hrs a day max.
  4. I do not believe Duke places any preference to in-state residents or what school you graduated from (though I applied in-state and graduated from their rival school). Our incoming class is pretty diverse from what schools they attended and what state they're from. Like what other posters have already stated, Duke does play a holistic approach. As long as you meet their minimum requirements to apply, I would suggest you give it a try. I was surprised when I received an interview invite. My weak points in applying were applying with the minimum patient care experience of around 1,000 hrs and applying right out of undergrad. Went to the interview and got accepted a week later. Life is full of surprises. Good luck.
  5. I am an incoming first year at Duke's PA program. I interviewed on a Wednesday and heard back the following Monday. There were 15-16 people in my interview group and almost half of us are in the incoming class. I believe differing groups will have different outcomes.
  6. Got the same email. Did everyone get this as a reply? I am an incoming first year and not a veteran, so I was low priority too...
  7. Here was my experience y'all can use as a reference: I got verified July 1 last year, received an interview invitation mid-late July and interviewed mid August. They snail mailed me my acceptance but saw it was dated a week after my interview.
  8. Hi everyone, I will soon be starting PA school in the fall. I am currently looking at several routes of paying off my future student debt and thought about jobs that help with loan repayment. How rare is it to come across jobs that will help pay off student debt? If so, how much do they typically help out with? Thanks so much!
  9. I was accepted out of the alternative list, but will be giving up my spot.
  10. I would advise you to make sure that the programs that you applied to did not specify that they required at least a 50th percentile for each subsection of the GRE. Some programs use these as cutoffs to lessen the number of applications they have to weed through. If that information is not readily available online, sending off a quick email won't hurt. Your AW and Q GRE scores would be red flags for some schools, but there are programs out there that would be more forgivable with them. I think the rest of your stats are pretty competitive. I believe your personal statement, how you showcased your extra-curriculars in CASPA, and how creative your supplemental essays (if applicable) were written will determine if you will be granted an interview. I wish you the best!
  11. I believe every PA program conducts an in-person interview. But yes, it was for an in-person interview.
  12. It is possible. I had very similar stats when I applied. I had 1100 HCE hours when I submitted my CASPA, applied right out of graduation (age 22), and still managed to get around 10 interviews and I believe 6-7 acceptances. It was my first cycle too. I got into my top pick school. Be sure to stand out somehow, though. I believe it was my extra-curriculars and personal statement that landed me the interviews. Definitely apply broadly and to as many as you can afford. I applied to 13 schools (it was VERY expensive). I got into schools I never knew I would even get an interview invite from (including Cornell from your current list). You never know unless you try. Good luck.
  13. I left a senior living community as a CNA after only 2 months. I left because I got a hospital position. From my experience the hospital is MUCH less damaging to my body than the hospital. I have nurses and other NAs that help with the physical labor in caring for patients. There's also machines that we have that help take out the work from our bodies. It never hurt me in getting interviews or acceptances. I was never even asked about it during my interviews. If you feel like you're being overworked, leave ASAP....or when you get hired in a better facility (I would highly recommend you apply in hospitals)
  14. FYI to everyone. During last cycle, I received a phone interview invitation sometime around August and I was in the second interview group. Good luck.
  15. There have been many successful stories of applicants taking prerequisites at CC's. I took my A&P courses at CC. I could've taken it at my university but my university only offered a combined A&P I and II course of 4 credits. I needed 8 credits and PA schools are really strict with this requirement. I decided to attend CC while attending my university. I suffered no consequences in getting interviews and acceptances. Got into my top pick. You should be fine if you believe taking CC would be the best route for you.
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