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Do I have a chance?

I’m struggling to decide if I should apply for this cycle or not due to my gpa and PCE. I graduated last august with a bachelors in biology. I’m 23 btw. 

Cumulative Gpa before post bacc credits-2.98
Sci GPA-2.65

Cumulative gpa after post bacc-3.17 (32 credits)
Sci gpa after-3.10

Post bacc cgpa- 3.98 sgpa- 4.00

PCE hours as a CNA~1500
Medical assistant~ 400

HCE as a Pathology Tech~ 1360

LOR- one from MD that I worked with, one from a PA I shadowed, and one from a former boss

Shadowing~150 hours 
Leadership Hours~80 hours 
Volunteer~150 hours

Taking the GRE this month 

My GPA was low in my undergrad bc of going through personal circumstances and recently learning that I have ADHD. After finding out my diagnosis I completely changed how I studied and I had an upward trend my senior year and during this post bacc.

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While nobody can tell you what your chances are, you might find greater success applying to schools that evaluate your gpa based on the last 40-60 credit hours. 

With that being said I applied and was accepted to PA school with a 3.04 cgpa and a 3.44 sgpa. However, I had >10k hours of paramedic experience and my last 60 credit hours gpa was a 4.0 which included nearly all prereqs including orgo, genetics, etc.

Find out what the cutoff for schools are that you are interested in applying to regarding GPA and PCE/HCE. The closer you are to their matriculant profiles, the better your chances will be.


It's an uphill battle, but you can do it. 

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