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Ohio Dominican University Class of 2019 : Entering Aug 2017

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Hello everyone! My name is Ben and I am looking to start a thread for everyone who was accepted to ODU for the class entering Aug 21, 2017. I received my acceptance email and letter towards the end of October and am hoping to connect with some of the students who have been accepted so far! Anybody accepted that is from Columbus? Any tips on looking for housing near campus?

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Hi Ben! Thanks for starting a group. I was also accepted for the class of 2019 and will be moving from Chicago this summer. I contacted ODU about a Facebook page for our class and they said it was done independently so that is something I can create when we know who else is accepted. So excited to start!!

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I have been searching to see if a Facebook page has been made yet. I didn't find one, so I created one! It's called "Ohio Dominican University Pa Program - Class of 2019". Feel free to join if you were accepted and plan on attending ODU's PA program!

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