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Found 20 results

  1. Looking for Physician Assistants for an Online Research Study sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The topic of the study will be about practices and opinions regarding disease prevention, screening, and identification The study will be done as a 60 minute online interview, and pays $275 *Must be a Physician Assistant in California To qualify, click on the link below https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JGQB6R9
  2. Has anyone ever done an elective rotation at MD Anderson? I am very interested in applying but so far all of the housing options are more than $1000 a month (plus the rent I already pay for my apartment by my school). I am trying to weigh the price vs the benefits and experiences that I could gain at MD Anderson. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone here know what the preferred housing options are for the students in the PA program? Is it more convenient/affordable for the students to live in the dorms on campus or do most of the students commute from elsewhere in Manhattan/another boro for the entirety of the program? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Ben and I am looking to start a thread for everyone who was accepted to ODU for the class entering Aug 21, 2017. I received my acceptance email and letter towards the end of October and am hoping to connect with some of the students who have been accepted so far! Anybody accepted that is from Columbus? Any tips on looking for housing near campus?
  5. Didn't see a thread for the philly campus for this application cycle, so I thought I'd create one. I was CASPA verified on 6/17 and received a confirmation email that they received my application on 6/22. Nothing left to do but wait and hope for an interview.
  6. In my major, if you have a certain concentration, a 400 hour internship is required at an approved site. This past semester, I completed my internship and I'm wondering if it can be counted as "hands on healthcare experience." I did my internship in inpatient & outpatient rehab and cardiac rehab. List of things I did: Checked blood pressures Put on heart monitors Helped patients do their exercises In inpatient sometimes a therapist would tell me to go to a patients room and do specific exercises for 20 minutes or so then ask them what their pain level was. In out patie
  7. At the NYSSPA annual conference there will be a workshop held for Pre-PA students, hosted by many of the faculty members and program directors from the schools in the area. It's a great way to get advice from the insiders on what you can do to get into their programs. https://scontent-lga1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xft1/v/t1.0-9/11880598_834463486674748_6087743120751407410_n.jpg?oh=9f7acd9962f93beae9d0cfbb8040e627&oe=566CC01B
  8. To any PA that has gone through a residency program - did you get a loan deferment/forbearance?
  9. I didn't want to hijack another thread so I'm starting a new topic here. Just wanted some opinions on Minneapolis neighborhoods? Are there any that should definitely be avoided, or any that you find particularly charming? I'd be willing to commute probably 25 mins max to Augsburg, but obviously would prefer closer. Thanks for any thoughts in advance!
  10. It was a hard fought match. Good game. Hopefully a lot of you make it out to Las Vegas during next years Big Game.
  11. Hello, I am interviewing for a part time job in Occmed. Its a health clinic inside a Harley Davidson plant. Any advice as how I should prepare for this interview? What are the most common health problems I would encounter in this type of setting? What should I read or study up on? What types of questions I should I ask? Finally, how much per hour should I ask for? I believe the position has no benefits for part time. Any feedback, advice or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. I'm looking to find an interested individual to split a 2 bedroom apartment in either the Newark, Wilmington, or Glasgow area. About myself: I'm a 28 year old male resident of California moving to Delaware for Physician Assistant school at Arcadia University. I currently work at a paint shop since I like home improvement projects, and at night as a medical assistant. I like to read, watch movies, run, hike, swim, and really anything else outdoor related during my non-working hours. I'm a considerate roommate and respect the space of others. I'm well organized, friendly, and focused. My mo
  13. I wondered if there are any second year PA students out there in the Saint francis university PA program that could help with finding places to rent for first year students moving in. I thought maybe we could start a forum for 2nd year students that are leaving their rentals and could give some info on places to rent. It's hard to find places to rent. Thanks!
  14. Do any of the current students - or Savannah residents - have advice or info on nice places to live that would be convenient to campus? I'm personally looking for something that is already furnished but may end up renting an unfurnished apartment if nothing is available. Any neighborhoods, complex names and/or phone numbers would be appreciated, along with cost. Thanks in advance.:=D:
  15. Hi I am an international medical graduated completed my graduation 5 yr back.i want to join pa school.i want to know details about prerequisite courses.from where should i complete these courses and how much time it takes to complete.
  16. It may be better to do this on the facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/223134977774073/), so we can get to know each other a little better, but I figured that we could start on here ... Maybe just put a little blurb about who you are, likes/dislikes, what you are looking for in a roommate, etc. Name: Julia Karnoski Age: 23 Hometown: All over Southern California Undergrad: Loyola Marymount University - Natural Science Hobbies: Hot yoga, running, beach volleyball, snowboarding/skiing, boating, cooking, hanging out, I like to entertain and have people over ... Drink? Yes
  17. I will be applying to PA School next school, I'm still in undergrad. However, I was a bit curious about housing during rotations. Do the schools usually provide housing arrangements for the students if the rotation sites are out of town? Must the students figure that information out themselves? Thanks in advance for any responses received!
  18. Hey everyone. For those who are accepted congrats! So now onto the next step which is housing. Has anyone done any research on nearby apartments or does anyone know which apartments are the BEST? Somewhere that is safe, affordable, quiet, and some amenities would be nice. If anyone has any input please let us know so we can get on it ASAP. I know that the dorms go for $2258 per semester and include health plan, meal plan, etc. But you will be sharing a room with someone else in the noisy "Men or Women's Hall". Other than that, I have seen some apt's within the 600-800 range that look pretty g
  19. http://pashadowonline.com/ to hook up a shadowing opportunity in your general area. Personally never used it but i've heard good things. Another thing to consider is volunteering in a local hospital that utilizes PAs. Try and get on a specific unit where there will be heavy PA foot traffic(ER/ICU) Good old fashioned face to face networking goes a long way.
  20. I'm planning on going to the Las Vegas conference. However since my Bankroll is dwindling and I'm going to be just about to start an awesome rotation I didn't want to spend the whole week in vegas. Does anyone know when the best time to be at the conference is? As someone who is graduating in August do you think it is beneficial for finding a job?
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