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  1. I am so torn and would appreciate any insight and advice. I committed to a program that I love, that literally starts the day after I graduate undergrad (I'm still a senior in college). Today I was accepted to a program that starts in August. I like this program a lot but I am worried because I already put down a down payment on the school I committed to. If I were to accept the program that starts in August, I will lose my down payment and will also have to put down another down payment on this school. I am extremely anxious about starting the day after I graduate undergrad and would prefer to start in August. Both schools are very similar and they cost the same. What should I do??
  2. I was just accepted this morning! Is there an accepted student's facebook page yet for the class of 2019?
  3. I still haven't heard anything! Has anyone heard from them yet?
  4. They have an amazing faculty. And yes even if they do not get off probation in 2018 I will still graduate as a PA. The program wouldn't be allowed to admit new students but the current students would still graduate as a PA. Since they are a new program, being placed on probation is common.
  5. I was accepted to BW and I'm so excited! Does anyone know if there is an accepted students facebook group yet?
  6. Hi everyone! I have recently been accepted to BW's PA program and I'm so excited. Does anyone know if there is an accepted students facebook group?
  7. Undergrad School: The Ohio State University Major: Neuroscience Caspa cGPA: 3.77 Caspa sGPA: 3.62 Age at time of application: 21 GRE: Q:152, V:149, W:4.0 Direct Patient Care: - Operating room technician: 600 hours - Home Health Aide: 200 hours Volunteer: - About 70 hours with A Kid Again Research: - 300 hours working in a radiation oncology lab focusing on glioblastoma research Shadowing: - 30 hours with a PA working in neurosurgery - 30 hours with a PA working in the burn unit Application Submitted Date: June 15th Schools applied (12 total): Philadelphia University, University of the Sciences, Butler University, MCPHS-Boston, Toledo, Ohio Dominican, Ohio University, Baldwin Wallace, Chatham, Cleveland State, Marietta College, Midwestern-Chicago Interview Invites: MCPHS-Boston, Ohio Dominican, Ohio University, Baldwin Wallace, Chatham, Marietta College, Midwestern-Chicago, Toledo Withdrew Application: Marietta College (denied interview), Toledo (denied interview) Waitlisted: Midwestern-Chicago Accepted: Baldwin Wallace, Chatham, Ohio University, Ohio Dominican I'm so excited to be starting PA school this summer!! When I was applying to schools I was always so worried looking at the forum because I was a young applicant, but, no worries, my age was never an issue throughout the entire process. It's really all about your grades, experiences, and your interview! Good luck to everyone applying!!
  8. I have been accepted to Chatham and I am now in the process of deciding between Chatham and another program. However, I am nervous to attend Chatham due to the negativity on this forum. Do students find PBL beneficial??? Is the program really as horrible as the forum makes it out to be?
  9. I also interviewed 10/7 and haven't heard back yet! I'm assuming that no news is good news and hopefully we hear back soon!
  10. Hi Brome23, I submitted my application around the beginning of July, got an under review email 8/22 and received an interview invite 9/30! Hope this helps :)
  11. accepted students would you mind sharing your stats? I will be interviewing with this program soon and just wanted to see if my stats are similar
  12. ah congrats! hopefully they're not done calling! what time did you get the phone call?
  13. Has anyone from the 10/7 interview been notified that they are on the wait list?
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