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International employment/volunteer opportunities as a PA

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Hello, I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has any information about any organizations that hire PAs or allow PAs to volunteer medical assistance in areas in the world that are in need. I know that Doctor's Without Borders takes NPs but does not take PAs, so I was wondering if there was other organizations out there with similar goals. If anyone has any experience volunteering their time/skills or working abroad I would also be interested in hearing your story as well.



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Here's some links of interest that I found last year. There are some volunteer organization links here too. Also, be sure to join PAs for Global Health (see my signature) to communicate with others with similar passions. Good luck!

Be a PA in Ontario, Canada! http://www.healthforceontario.ca/Work/OutsideOntario/HealthProfessionalsOutsideOntario/OntarioPhysicianAssistantInitiative.aspx

NYC Medics, a disaster relief volunteer organization utilizing PAs in Haiti, for example:



Informative article in JAAPA, which also includes many links to more information on medical 'voluntourism': http://www.jaapa.com/health-care-volunteerism-what-pas-need-to-know-before-making-a-trip/article/169097/


Hot off the press: the most comprehensive source on everything about the PA profession, including global expansion. As I have also discovered via this Facebook group, "Information about the PA development internationally is fragmented" (503). This book is great at putting it all together for us. http://www.fadavis.com/online_store/catalog/catalog_detail.cfm?publication_id=2373


International Academy of Physician Associate Educators: http://www.iapae.org/


Brand New forum heading at PAforums



New from the AAPA: the best bank of International PA resources I have yet to find: http://www.aapa.org/advocacy-and-practice-resources/practice-resources/international


Another JAAPA article on the PA profession in South Australia, one year later: http://www.jaapa.com/pa-profession-in-south-australia-one-year-later/article/160936/


Medical missions are a great foray into international medicine. Check out this PA's experience in Haiti on page 50 of Advance: http://physician-assistant.advanceweb.com/ebook/magazine.aspx?EBK=PA113009#/50/


Lovely article in JAAPA. Physician Assistant utilization is ever-increasing worldwide: http://www.jaapa.com/its-time-for-an-international-congress-of-physician-assistants/article/158939/


Want to work for the Feds in places such as Moscow, Yaounde, and Jakarta? There's openings for Foreign Service Health Practioners and more at: http://www.usajobs.gov/


The Arctic? http://www.remotemedical.com/Physicians-Assistant


The PA Forum: great resource for reaching out to students and certified PA's for just about anything.



Disaster Response deployment with IMSuRT:




Here is one option for international medical missions:




AAPA's International Updates page:



Here's an example of a Duke PA taking it internationally:


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This is a great thread. I was doing some research on where can PAs volunteer internationally for disaster response. I first thought of The Doctors Without Boarders and found out that they don't take PAs and got discouraged. Then I found this thread and felt so much better.


Thanks ventana, EMEDPA, eventide, klb48 and Just Steve


Here is one more http://www.peaceworkmedical.com/index.php

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