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On Call and no compensation

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Guest Paula

Are you being added in on the on-call schedule?  IS it after hours and on the weekends.  There should be some type of compensation for this.  Do the physician's take call? 


IF it's not in the contract I would talk to the powers that be and get call compensation worked in.  I take weekend call about every 12 weeks and my employer states there is extra compensation for this, but I haven't yet seen my pay for it yet, and my employer was quite vague as to how they calculate the pay.  It's frustrating. 

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1/4 of a full day's pay for week night call

$500-$1000 per weekend


For just telephone call


If having to go in and see patients - well that is 1.5 to 2 times the hourly rate on top of the above, with a minimum payment if you go in




This is a huge quality of life for the doc's. Don't Don't Don't do it for free and do not get forced into it as the only time you have to negotiate is at the beginning


If the doc's say call is no big deal, then let them do all of it - if not it needs to be compensated unless you are an owner....

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