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  1. I am excited to say that I was accepted into the program on January 5th. I can't wait to meet everyone in May!
  2. They will explain the activity when you get there, but it is nothing you can prepare for.
  3. There really is no way to prepare for the questions you will see in the mmi. Best advice I can give is be yourself, have fun, and shake off each room before you enter the next. Good luck!
  4. Congrats. I would strongly advise you to not give out the interview questions to others.
  5. Briezzy explained what to expect perfectly. They did not have coffee at our interview but if you ask during your tour they will show you the school starbucks.
  6. Hey Allen, Generally this means you did not meet their prelim requirements. I would be happy to take a look at your application/stats and give some recommendations about what you can do to improve it. It took me 2 1/2 years of classes to boost my gpa before I was able to apply, so I have some experience in the matter. Feel free to PM.
  7. Haven't you already interviewed and been accepted to a texas program? Might be time to relax... and celebrate!
  8. Curious if that was sent to your eraider email or the one you assigned through caspa.
  9. From my understanding, utsw does look at apps as they "roll in" but they don't select you for interview/rejection right away. Each round of interviews they revisit apps that were looked at before. Final decisions are made later.
  10. There is a supplamental app you have to do. And fee to pay
  11. Noticed that as well. Is other an option? I would put that and in the improvement box say "since the 2016 cycle I have..". Good luck this cycle!
  12. Gre score goes to utsw and not caspa. Capsa won't be able to confirm but if the gre site says it was sent you are good.
  13. Look through the 2016-2017 thread.. each year are generally the same tkmeline
  14. Get a cert so you can rack up pce hours right away. Emt or ma will work. Start volunteering where you can. Yes you have to post your PhD grades but lucky for you most schools look at only undergraduate grades. PA school is a full time experience and schools know that. Your student aid will include living expenses. Any school will publish how much.
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