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Hi, congratulations. I have an interview in February. Can you give me any tips. What was the schedule for the day like?


The interview start around 7:30 am and run until 2 pm. The applicants will divide in a group (~5-6 persons per group).

Each group will do a difference activity and rotate through out the morning.


Activities are;

- individual interview

- group interview

- campus tour

- group activity

- essay


After the morning part done, the applicants having lunch with current students. After lunch, the program director will talk about the program, including PH program also. Then, they will go over a little bit of financial, loan, etc.


Jane, good luck :)

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Congrats to all! My name is Lisi Zeng and I am a current Touro Class of 2014 student! Welcome! I started a FB page for you guys and our class president, Carolan Whitney, as well as others from our class can help answer any questions on there.


Just search for group "Touro University California - MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015"


If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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I just realize I put my interview date wrong...I was interviewed on 10/25



ace6foot8- I got a confirmation email that my application was completed from Melanie on Aug,22. Then I got an interview invited on Oct,4. Relax and keep in mind that this period they are busier than August-September. When I went interview (late October), the program director, Grace, she said that she expected big number of applications will be turned in by the end of school deadline. My message may seem to be confused...sorry English is not my first language.

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Hey Martha, just not sure what they are looking for. Could you let me know about your experience and stats? I interviewed on the 13th of dec. and thought it went really well, but was rejected. I am pretty discouraged at the moment. Not sure why I wasn't even waitlisted. Congrats on your acceptance!

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Hello and welcome to the Class of 2015!!! I hope you all are doing well. My name is Carolan Whitney and I was recently elected Class President for the 2014 class. Part of my role is to help you all get any info you need to make your transition to Touro smooth. So please contact me and ask questions (cwhitneyatc@mac.com or through facebook). If I don't know the answer, I will find someone who does! Also, do not hesitate to contact any of my classmates b/c we all have different experiences and can share those experiences with you. This Journey you are about to begin is all about teamwork and you will be relying on your classmates and mentors as you progress through the program. Enjoy your time before you begin the program. I didn't really understand why people kept saying that but quickly figured it out. :) Take a vacation if you can. Try not to study anything b/c you will be immersed in that once you start and you will get the info you need to know once you are on campus. Enjoy our free time! I look forward to meeting all of you!! :) Check out the facebook page Lisi made. That will be a great resource for you!

Search for group "Touro University California - MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015"

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone that applied in late to mid October has received an interview invitation yet? Really hoping I get one soon!

I completed my secondary application in mid October, and just over one month after it was received I got the invitation to interview. However my interview date is not until February 7th. I hope you hear some news soon.

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Hello Everyone:

My name is Michael I interviewed on October 25th, and will also be going to Touro. Congratulations everyone!


Please join the FB group. Search for Touro University California MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015 to meet some of your classmates as well as the class of 2014 for any questions you may have! Congrats again!

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