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  1. Hi, if these are still being sent, please send them to lisizeng@gmail.com. Much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Any recommended PA job website for an upcoming graduate? Looking for mostly Southern California posts. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Hi guys! I'm from class of 2014. For newly accepted students please join the FB group to meet future classmates and upper classmens who can help answer any questions. Just search "Touro University California MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015" And again congrats! :)
  4. I believe there are 2 interviews in May. Not sure if they are going to add more.
  5. tjrull, droc --- ya'll aren't funny ;) LOL *fellow classmate love
  6. For the class of 2014, they accepted 45. I think it is usually around this number
  7. Please join the FB group. Search for Touro University California MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015 to meet some of your classmates as well as the class of 2014 for any questions you may have! Congrats again!
  8. Hey Michelle! Were you the one that stopped by the day before your interview and ate lunch with a bunch of PAs? Well if you were, I was one of them! Don't worry! Just keep updating your profile and keep in contact with Touro! You never know what happens! ^_^ Good luck!
  9. Yes! It is true! Schools want to know that you are still interested in them. 3 people from our class got in 3 weeks before school started! They sent in updated transcripts, volunteer work, health care experience and really got the attention of admissions. Make sure you send a letter of continued interest and just keep in contact with admissions and faculty.
  10. Hey caligirl. Don't be discouraged. Just follow up with Admissions and see what they thought about your interview. If I recall, they hold workshops later down (sometime in May or so) and they will look at your application and interview to see what you can improve on. :)
  11. Hi guys! Congrats to all those accepted. My name is Lisi and I am from the class of 2014. I created a FB group (just search "Touro University California - MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015" so that you guys can get acquainted early. I know we didn't get started on FB til about March or so but you guys can get a leg up and get to know each other. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability! :) Congrats again to all and to everyone waiting from Touro! :)
  12. Congrats to all! My name is Lisi Zeng and I am a current Touro Class of 2014 student! Welcome! I started a FB page for you guys and our class president, Carolan Whitney, as well as others from our class can help answer any questions on there. Just search for group "Touro University California - MSPAS/MPH Class of 2015" If you have any questions, feel free to message me!
  13. Interviews are still being held. I believe there is one this week (Nov 29) and then again in Feb I heard? Be patient. The PA faculty have a lot on their plate right now with admissions and getting the class of 2012 out on rotations. You guys will hear from them soon! :)
  14. I believe they take people off the waitlist at the end of the cycle. Sorry. They offer the seat to people they want and if by the end of the cycle they haven't fulfilled their class, they will begin off the waitlist. Just express your continued interest and be persistent (but not annoying, LOL). There are 3 people from our class that got in off the waitlist! Good luck!
  15. I believe they do not rank like you said. The best way to get off the waitlist is to submit a letter of continued interest for the school. Also, taking a couple of classes would not hurt. I know for our class there were a few that kept in touch with admissions and faculty and continued with their course load/experience/etc so this just shows the admissions committee that you are really dedicated into the profession, etc
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