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  1. Hi Tourohopeful108 did you go to Touro University? Anyways, I was wondering if you found any rotations in Tucson, Az. I am currently looking for rotations myself in the area. Any references would should be appreciated. MNAVILA
  2. Yes i totally agree with PAMAC, why would Touro even suggest you go into their MPH program unless you requested information on it? I also think it's totally unfair how Touro gave us an estimated cost of attendance at the interview date which stated it would be about 45k a year but then when you actually accept thier offer to enter into their PA program, they send you an updated version and turns out it's going to be 63k a year! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SOOOO EXPENSIVE?
  3. This is Martha...so did you hear good news or what?

  4. Hi Martha! I just sent you a message, hope you get it! thanks for your help.Farah

  5. My name is Martha and I was interviewed on 11/29/11 and I too was accepted and I am going 100% too. I already gave them the $500 deposit. And yes we should start a Facebook page.
  6. hi!


    is this donna or martha? this is michelle! i was in group c too!

  7. It's me again, so I checked my mail today (postmail) and I too got accepted for the class of 2015! :smile: I was so no thinking I was going to get accepted. I was in group C. So some advice......Be mature, know the school's mission statement and really try to make a memorable experience for the interviewers.
  8. Congrats Stellacaelum5!!! I interviewed on the 29th and I still have not heard anything. But it was fun talking to you, you made me laugh so much :) I'll keep you all posted if I hear anything (good or bad).
  9. I went to the interview this Tuesday. It was not as agonizing as I had thought. I had fun meeting the other candidates and the current students. In two weeks we shall know who gets in and who doesn't.
  10. Yes I heard from Touro on October 3rd 2011. Email inviting me to interview with them. They had late october openings but I decided to go for late november to give myself more time to prepare for the interview.
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