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  1. Timon, any particular city in the IE? lol, if you don't mind sharing
  2. Hi all I think there was a thread about disability forms somewhere here but i can't seem to find it. is there any tips on refusing to sign disabilities forms for patients? if a patient is missing a limp, sure, i have no problem filling out disability form. but this pt has diabetes and complains polyneuropathies, pt can't stand for a long time during work...another pt with foot pain, no injury, can't "walk" normality....they continuously request forms to be filled out......any tips on refusing to sign these paperworks? Thank you
  3. can you guys clarify on this "Doc's Spouse" thing? lol....what are some bad experiences? Thank you
  4. I just realize i code mostly 99213's. i've been working for about 3months now. I haven't receive any note from our billers yet, can i assume that my codings are okay and not undercoding for my clinic?
  5. Hello all I was wondering if i could ask for some guideline when prescribing viagra or cialis for patients with erectile dysfunction. my field is family medicine please and thank you
  6. hello all I tried to search other threads about weekend pay, but i only see night shift differential. Can I assume weekend pay differential is the same rate as night shift differential? is the differential at 20%? Thank you
  7. Hello all. so i've been practicing for a couple months now. I received my dea license a while back, but never notice a small detail on the dea license. it says "THIS CERTIFICATE IS NOT TRANSFERABLE ON CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP, CONTROL, LOCATION, OR BUSINESS ACTIVITY, AND IT IS NOT VALID AFTER THE EXPIRATION DATE" the dea license has my clinic's address on it. so my question is that, if I get a part time job at an urgent care center, do I have to apply for another dea license with that urgent care's address on it? Thank you :)
  8. Hi Can you please clarify on "wanting fire and forget patient interaction?" lol what kind of fire are you talking about? Thank you :)
  9. hello all I notice this opportunity on indeed while browsing for a part time. I've never heard of this specialty before. this is the description. May I ask what are the cons in this field? thank you Nurse Practitioners/Physician assistants Needed, Excellent Pay/ Flexible Hours! Come and join the fastest growing segment of the Healthcare industry. Flexibility that fits any schedule, excellent pay and malpractice coverage included. Full or part time opportunities available. A Healthcare service company is looking for Nurse Practitioners/PA in the your area to perform in-home health assessments (No Treatment, Follow up visit or Prescriptions) for Commercial population. Essential Job Functions: * Perform a health assessment (current and previous conditions) on all assigned members on a laptop computer. * Works collaboratively with employees, including schedulers * Must commit to work at least 10 patient visits per week Requirements; * Current Medical license in state of residence * Must be able to create/edit documents in word processing ( all assessments are done electronically with a company provided laptop) * Must have a valid state driver’s license, and proof of insurance
  10. hi im a new grad as well. may i ask what are some examples that a practice is practicing illegally? thank you
  11. hi so if this company wants to have my NPI, does that mean they will bill under my name? or not neccessarily? thank you
  12. can i start working for like the 1st two weeks without the NPI number?
  13. hii do you know how long it takes for the NPI number to be emailed? the website says 15 days but i heard it's really fast, like 2-3 days? is that true?, i applied 2 days ago
  14. Hello all CA license DEA # NPI # Just to make sure i don't forget anything. what else do i need to apply for in order to officially practice medicine in CA? Thank you
  15. i plan on countering with: 3 weeks vacation, and 1 week for CME 401k starts after 30 days. $1500 for CME stipend sign on bonus/lisence fee coverage i will also clarify with them pt load and coverage of malpractice before signing this letter of offer.
  16. hello all so this group just mailed me this "extend an offer". on it, pretty much they just lay out the numbers and benefits. but what i'm confuse is that they want me to sign this paper. once i sign it, a contract will be drafted for me to review. My question is that, after i signed this paper, am i forced to follow by the terms in the contract that they will create later? thank you so much here is what on this paper: it's for a community health clinic (family medicine for mostly adults) annual: 90k vacation/CME: 3 weeks per yr (would like to counter: vacation 3 weeks and 1 week CME) sick days: 40 hours per yr malpractice: free ( but i don't know the exact terms yet) medical/vision: 100 % free for me and 75% for dependents (so would this consider wife as well? or just children?) dental: no cost life insurance: no cost at $250k 401k: match up to 3% for the first 100% , 2% of the second 50% begining 2nd years CME stipend: $1200 (seems okay right?) (would like to ask for sign on bonus), never know until you ask right? this seems pretty good so far, i think....i did not see patient per hour on this paper. but during the interview, they mentioned 20-24 ppd (9-5pm). this is the same place that told me 30ppd from my older post. i know they lower it to 24 ppd now with about 30% failure rate of pts not showing up. but i'm not sure how reliable that statement is. this is in california. they expect to have me sign this in 5 days thank you so much for your help and replies
  17. im in the same situation as the OP. but this is out of state where i was in for my pa program. i don't even have the documentation anymore. on #19: it says " including traffic violation" so that means i have to get that traffic violation documentation? do i just call up my dmv for it? thank you
  18. okayy, so then i was answering more questions from the pance kaplin purple book (it's the book that comes with 2 of 300 questions practice test). they say the first line therapy is adenosine lol.....i really hope when i take the real pance, that it won't come down to this deciding question of pass or fail....but i think i'll go with adenosine on the real pance..... p.s: i was going to attach some pictures of the questions and explainations but i can't seem to find the option of attaching pictures on here
  19. hello all, i'm studying for my pance and currently doing questions from the DAVIS' PA exam review: by morton diamond. i hope this book pays off...lol...as one of my study questions book this is one of the question i came across: a 47 year old asthmatic woman suddenly has palpitations. blood pressure is 110/70, pulse 190, respiration is 20. lung exam is normal. no murmur or gallop is heard. ekg shows psvt. which of the following is the preffered initial therapy? a. adenosine b. metoprolol c. digoxin d. verapamil e. ibutilide answer from the book is verapamil. but i've always learned that it's adenosine. can someone please clarify this for me? if this was on the real pance, my kneejerk reaction would have been adenosine thank you
  20. i have a follow up question. is there a proper method to turn them down professionally? or do i just mention stuffs like " oohh,, ur benefits are very below the national level and if i take on ur contract i am doing a disservice to my profession?" is that too blunt and unprofessional? lol thank you
  21. when they first told me the 10 days for cme/vacation/pto with just $500 all together, i was pretty insulted by that and was going to negotiate. but now reading more about this whole non-compete clause thing, i guess i won't even bother with the renegotiation lol thank you every one for the inputs
  22. thank you for your response. this is in california and they have 4 clinics around the areas. and thank you for your suggestions.
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