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  1. I had an interview on Tuesday. I was planning to send a thank you card, but I was so busy (out of town), I came back on Friday. The accepted letter came so fast, it came by snail mail on next Wednesday. So they faster than me, after I got an accepted letter, I didn't send anything to them...such a bad girl. I think, it would be nice if you can send a thank you note/card to them.
  2. I just realize I put my interview date wrong...I was interviewed on 10/25 ace6foot8- I got a confirmation email that my application was completed from Melanie on Aug,22. Then I got an interview invited on Oct,4. Relax and keep in mind that this period they are busier than August-September. When I went interview (late October), the program director, Grace, she said that she expected big number of applications will be turned in by the end of school deadline. My message may seem to be confused...sorry English is not my first language.
  3. The interview start around 7:30 am and run until 2 pm. The applicants will divide in a group (~5-6 persons per group). Each group will do a difference activity and rotate through out the morning. Activities are; - individual interview - group interview - campus tour - group activity - essay After the morning part done, the applicants having lunch with current students. After lunch, the program director will talk about the program, including PH program also. Then, they will go over a little bit of financial, loan, etc. Jane, good luck :)
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Muk. I was accepted for class 2015, and I'm going to Touro 100%. I was interviewed on 11/25. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted, for the folks who on wait-list I hope you guys hear good news soon. P.S. should we start FB page?
  5. Hey, I just checked my mailbox and I found accepted letter from Touro. No phone call, no email, it came as a snail mail. Good luck everyone.
  6. Has anyone received a phone call on any day besides Wednesday? Does MEDEX typically notify all the accepted applicants from the first interview session the same day? Did they already call all of they accepted applicant on Wednesday, or they probably making more calls next week. Do they call you if they put you on the wait-list? I start to getting more nervous since I didn't get a call. :sweat:
  7. Congratulation to you all who already got a phone call.:=D:
  8. Yeah, just only 4 days but I feel like it has been 2 weeks. I don't like to wait.
  9. l.a.lewis, I would love to. But I'm arrive in Seattle at 7:40pm., so I think I can't join you.
  10. I just got the email invite to interview with MEDEX in Seattle on Oct 4th, 2011. - CASPA mailed out my application on 7/10 - The supplement application was submitted on 7/29 I'm really excited, who ever got an interview invite on 10/04 see you there. :smile: P.S. I'm applying MCHS, Seattle program. Good luck everyone
  11. Hi Tammy,


    This is Muk. Do you heard anything from Touro yet?

    One girl posted on the forum that she is in.

    I didn't hear anything yet, it make me so nervous.


    By the way, my email address is mh.bohling@gmail.com


    Good luck,


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