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  1. Yeah, 70 patients per day is actually not a typo. Thank you everyone for the all the good advice. I think I will pass.
  2. I was told I would have a shared M.A, and could not select my own M.A. There is about 5 exam rooms, and the EMR used is Practice Fusion. There is no training plan in place, and I'm supposed to hit the ground running. This is an outpatient setting, but the practitioner generally sees 30-70 patients per day himself, but would like me to manage 30+ patients daily. They were using dictation services, but they are thinking about terminating that service as fees are getting too expensive. They also want all charts completed same day to get better reimbursement. I approached the provider and aske
  3. I am a new P.A. grad that was offered the following contract: 1. Hours Per week: ≈40 Hours. 2. Patient Quota: 30 Patient’s per day. 3. Annual Salary: $150,000 4. Vacation: 4 weeks paid vacation per year. a. 1 Week per quarter b. If longer than 1 week must make arrangements ahead of time. 5. CME: 1 week paid time off to complete CME’s. a. $1000 per year is given for license & associations. 6. Malpractice Insurance: Will be paid for, 7. Mandatory 90-day clause: Must be given to terminate employment. 8. Proof of paid quarterly taxes must
  4. Hello Everyone: My name is Michael I interviewed on October 25th, and will also be going to Touro. Congratulations everyone!
  5. Hello Everyone: My name is Michael I interviewed on October 25th, and will also be going to Touro. Congratulations everyone!
  6. Mukky99 I just got accepted too. I'm soooooo Happy!!!! Good luck everyone.
  7. @Gctouro: I was wondering the same thing. I hope we find out soon. Good luck.
  8. Be prepared to be there till at least 2:30pm. The best advice I could give you about the interview is to try to relax and be yourself. Some things to consider is to try to plan your flight around the shuttle service from the Marriott Hotel, that way you don't have to wait to long for the next shuttle service, because getting a taxi to the hotel can be pricey. Consider doing the same thing for your flight back. Make sure you allow yourself enough time after your interview to get ready and arrive at the airport on time for your flight. The weather was great, but make sure to check the
  9. Had interview on October 25th and I was thoroughly impressed with the whole institution. Everyone was so friendly and I felt they really took the time to try to get to know the applicants. Good luck to everyone, and congratulations to all those that have received an interview.
  10. Your right LIz it should be the class of 2015. lol. Thanks for the great advice.
  11. Still haven't heard anything back. Good luck to everyone!
  12. @embalmer sorry to hear that. Competition seems fierce. I haven't heard back yet either. Good Luck everyone!
  13. @Aggie :I'm not sure what they will ask us, but just be yourself and I'm sure everything will be just fine. Good luck
  14. Aggie, when I called they gave me a list of available dates, but I chose the first one. I was so excited I immediately booked my flight and room. Aggie when is your interview date? Congratulations and good luck everyone.
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