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ED offer California. Thoughts?

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I'm a current PA student and was just offered a position to work in a level II trauma center in California run by CEP. Below is the info from the offer. What do you think and what else would you want to know? I would appreciate those with experience to chime in.



-Benefits including health insurance, 401K, annual profit-sharing bonuses, annual CME budget, free attendance meals and lodging at annual educational meetings.

-3 month internship to bridge the gap between PA program's educational emphasis on primary care and the unique clinical challenges of the ED.

-$5,000 sign-on bonus with a two-year commitment to the site

-$45/hr plus benefits and overtime while completing initial internship (One month physician shadow, one month RME shadow, one month extra provider in main ED)

-Immediate step-up to $55/hr plus benefits after internship completion

-Subsequent hourly increases with completion of CME and participation in group meetings

(There is a 4 tier clinical ladder for PA's consisting of CME courses and participation)

- I have it on good authority that once overtime and bonuses are factored in, PA's at the site make an average of more than $80/hr.

- Education - PA's are included in all didactic and procedural training including the CEP Airway Course, Ultrasound Course and Journal Clubs. In addition, the PA/NP's hold a quarterly CME training event based on topics of greatest interest

- There is a one-year Emergency Medicine Fellowship for Family Practice physicians at the same facility, therefore the educational opportunities for PA's will be available - I can participate in all of the training provided to Fellows.


Thank you for any help with this decision.

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