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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I'm a new grad PA (started the program right out of high school) who just received a job offer for a hospitalist position with the details here: 40 hour week. Five 8 hr shifts a week. Overnight from Sun- Thurs 11pm-7am. $85,000 base pay $15,000 for overnight annual bonus. Would be taken away if I switched to days. 4 weeks PTO 1 sick week 1 week CME and $1500 Paid DEA liscense. I'm curious if I should ask for more base pay. Any opinions? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I applied to FIU's program this year! Anyone hear about interviews yet?
  3. So I finally got a job at my dream hospital!! I am currently working there as a Patient Care Technician/ PCT. However, I will be leaving for PA school next year. I really want to return to this hospital and work as a PA! The problem is that getting a job at my hospital is super competitive. Is there a way for me to ensure/ increase my chances of getting a PA job in this facility in the future? (Also, what do you guys think of requesting a absense of leave instead of quitting? Can I be able to come back to the hospital to pursue a higher position?) Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys, I am set to graduate in August, but I have started looking for jobs because I want to work as soon as I can after graduation and PANCE. My current interests are Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Hospitalist. I am living in Texas currently, and I am planning to stay here. But I have a hard time finding a job, most are specialty-based, on top of that, 90% requires you to have 2+ years experience. I was wondering if you guys have any tips or resources that are open to new grads. Thanks.
  5. New grad and wanted to ask a few questions. Most things on contract seem great but I have a few questions: They are offering claims made coverage with full tail, is this equivalent to occurrence coverage? 90k salary, 3k sign on bonus, no production bonus. Should I be getting a production bonus? If so, what is a normal %? Minimal call Profit sharing plan after 1 year (25%?), 4 years I'm 100%. Is it reasonable to ask for student loan assistance? I am not in a rural city. Thank you!
  6. I got an offer as new graduate to work night shift in emergency department Overview: - 60$ per hour for 36 hours/week in 12 hour shifts (I can have as many shifts in a row as I want as long I do 12 shifts a month) - minimum of 128 hours a month to get full benefits - 1 year contract renewed annually - No PTO - $1500 CME - Retirement plan: 5% contribution - Medical, dental, and disability - Malpractice coverage with tail -Non-negotiable contract. what do you guys think?
  7. I am an experienced PA with 6.5 years total experience - 3 years in surgery and 3.5 years in dermatology. I got a job offer in major city in North Carolina. $120 K base Salary 4.5 day workweek, avg. 30-35 patients/day, but they are expecting to see more 20% production bonus on collections over $250 K after 16 months $1500 / year for CME $1500 / year for license and DEA Malpractice and health insurance 3 weeks for vacation/sick/CME; 4 weeks after 1 year 24 month non-compete covering five counties in the metro area where they have offices. If anyone has the recent AAPA Salary report, can you give me some feedback?
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to the forum and have seen that there is a lot of experience on here. I will be graduating in August and have a job offer in derm. I worked there before as a medical assistant and so negotiations feel a little more touchy if that makes sense. Here are the details: -$70,000 for first year -Full benefits for me, my wife and dependents -3 wks PTO -1 wk CME with $2,000 allowance -malpractice covered -society/membership fees covered (to a point) -noncompete for 2 years in 8 mile radius -second year will get a raise and will be base salary plus production bonus (no specifics on how much raise or bonus structure) What do you guys think? I don't want to be greedy but I think 70,000 is still on the low side even for a training year in derm. I really like the office and don't want to overstep by asking for a sign-on bonus or maybe to consider a raise once I start seeing patients. I am in Utah by the way. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am a new graduate in the northern VA/MD area (DC suburbs) and completed a 4 week derm rotation during clinicals. I received an offer recently and want to see how it compares to other derm PAs, and what I should negotiate for... Based on the recent AAPA salary report, a PA with 0-1 years of experience makes $90,000 in the 75% and $100,000 in the 90%, not including bonus. I would expect this area to make in 90% since it serves several of the "richest counties in the U.S." 78,000 base salary, reassessed after 5 months and again at one year (will shadow for first ~3 months) 5 days per week, 9-5 Bonus- 20% after 300,000 generated eligibility for health insurance after 3 months $3000 CME annually License fees paid $50 tax free cell phone/month 3 week paid vacation--- including sick/vacation/CME Noncompete for 2 years after employment of 5 mile radius Payment of your employer taxes and malpractice insurance premiums by the practice. To compare, I recently got offered a family med offer also, paying $78,000 for first 3 months, then $80,000 with $2,000 CME, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week CME, 6 days sick leave, employer contributed health insurance, and covered dental insurance... I know the salary is low, based on the area, even if I am shadowing/training for first few months. What should I renegotiate? I really want to work in dermatology and know that I need the experience to break into the field.
  10. I'm a current PA student and was just offered a position to work in a level II trauma center in California run by CEP. Below is the info from the offer. What do you think and what else would you want to know? I would appreciate those with experience to chime in. -Benefits including health insurance, 401K, annual profit-sharing bonuses, annual CME budget, free attendance meals and lodging at annual educational meetings. -3 month internship to bridge the gap between PA program's educational emphasis on primary care and the unique clinical challenges of the ED. -$5,000 sign-on bonus with a two-year commitment to the site -$45/hr plus benefits and overtime while completing initial internship (One month physician shadow, one month RME shadow, one month extra provider in main ED) -Immediate step-up to $55/hr plus benefits after internship completion -Subsequent hourly increases with completion of CME and participation in group meetings (There is a 4 tier clinical ladder for PA's consisting of CME courses and participation) - I have it on good authority that once overtime and bonuses are factored in, PA's at the site make an average of more than $80/hr. - Education - PA's are included in all didactic and procedural training including the CEP Airway Course, Ultrasound Course and Journal Clubs. In addition, the PA/NP's hold a quarterly CME training event based on topics of greatest interest - There is a one-year Emergency Medicine Fellowship for Family Practice physicians at the same facility, therefore the educational opportunities for PA's will be available - I can participate in all of the training provided to Fellows. Thank you for any help with this decision.
  11. Hello, I received a psychiatry PA position offer for $100,000 per year, with a $10,000 2 yr commitment sign on bonus paid out after 90 days of employment. Also includes ability to earn an incentive of $20 for every RVU’s in excess of the target set for the calendar year. RVU Target - 3,000 - $20 / RVU. is that a good offer? i have never worked with RVU's before. Base salary seems low for a psych PA. Benefits are great/standard, etc. any ideas on how to negotiate for higher base salary or loan repayment?
  12. If anyone could give me any advice on this offer, it would be greatly appreciated! Here are the details: · Salary: $82,000 o 3% raise 2nd year: $84,460 · W/benefits: $105,251.20/yr · Medical, Dental and Life insurance: 100% of premium covered · 15 days PTO, 7 paid holidays, and 5 days of short-term disability PTO per year Thanks for your help in advance!
  13. I need help making my decision. I have been working as a hospitalist for 14 months at a Manhattan hospital. Primary responsibilities: Medical Admitting PA (sit at a computer looking through recently admitted patient's charts deciding whether or not they need a teaching team vs non teaching team, then giving sign out to the proper team. 12 hour shift- 8 shifts per month). Along with this role, we do ED admissions (12 hour shifts, 5 shifts per month) with an opportunity to do moonlighting ED admissions at a rate of $75/hr (12 hour shift). In February, we have been told that we will be moved to the "floor", havinga "workload" of patients to care for during the day. I have no idea how many patients. Been told the shift will be 10 hours (8a-6p). And with this we will be responsible for doing 2-3 POMAs (pre-op medical assessments). Current Job Deets: 13 required shifts per month Additional opportunity for moonlighting shifts (12 hour shifts) rate: $75/hr 81K/yr NO CME money (they have grand rounds that I can attend in the hospital) 28 days PTO Medical Insurance (for the family) (I pay about $440/month) 401K (I haven't signed up for yet)-bad me! BMT offer at same hospital: Outpatient setting working 4- 10hr shifts with one guarenteed day off per week (about 3 months training) **after about 9 months, may have me rotating through inpatient BMT 3-12 hour shifts, requires 6 months of training 81K/yr (considered a lateral transfer because I have less than 2 years here and not considered a "senior PA" yet) and I've asked twice to have that # raised (they will not) NO CME money 28 days PTO Medical Insurance 401K LGBT/HIV Medicine offer: outpatient In Manhattan/2 days per week in NJ (until they can find someone to be based in NJ) Very small office (I mean very small..it's Manhattan) Not sure if it is 5 or 6 days per week (will clarify that) 80K, and after 6 months of "satisfactory" performance, will raise salary to 85K/yr unlimited sick time plus 2 weeks vacation per year Health insurance (help me figure this one out!): They will pay on my behalf the total amount of benefits paid for a single person, which is currently $11,134.52. I can choose the benefits that I'd like, and they will set up a section 135 pre-tax salary deduction for me to contribute the rest of the cost of premiums. The deductible is put into a Health Savings Account on my behalf (and I am free to contribute to it as well). For my information, the breakdown and totals are pasted below: Benefits for each single employee for 2014: Health insurance premiums are 7898.52 Health insurance deductible is 2000 Dental insurance premiums are 1236 TOTAL: $11,134.52 Cost for a family for 2014: Health insurance premiums are 25045.56 Health insurance deductible is 4000 Dental insurance premiums are 3947.88 TOTAL: $32,993.44 Difference: 21858.92 Which job/offer seems the most reasonable? What else can I negotiate? I've already asked for more $$ for BMT and they said no due to my "lack of years on the job". I haven't negotiated with the LGBT medicine yet. Obviously need to clarify how many days per week and that health insurance... Thanks for your help! Andrea
  14. Hey everyone, need some advice. I am a second year PA student with an Athletic Training background set to graduate on Oct 1st of this year and have two orthopedic job offers waiting. I was hoping you guys who take a look and give me any/all advice you have. Job A Exciting position in practice that does not have a PA but Dr. I would be working with has experience training PAs. Base $95,000 Bonus 10% of base 22 days PTO (if holiday falls on week day, counts against PTO) Call 1 weekend a month 5 days CME with 2k allowance Malpractice with tail coverage Health insurance on day 1 and short/long term disability after 90 days Job B Better location for my wife and I. Really nice sports medicine doctor who I get along well with. Replacing previous PA who left to follow passion for ortho trauma Base $87,500 Bonus "30% of all revenues exceeding PA overhead. PA overhead is salary plus 25% benefit load" Not exactly sure what that verbiage means if anyone can help. 15 days vacation. 8.5 days of paid holidays. 7 days of sick leave. NO call. 5 days CME with $2,500 allowance Malpractice (not sure if tail coverage) Health Insurance but no short/long term disability included My questions. What offer looks better overall? What should I expect to bring in as a first year ortho PA (the PAOS salary survey says 280k is the 50th percentile)? I have not began negotiating, what should I try to include in each package? Thank you so much for all of your advice! Kevin
  15. After browsing through the forum and doing some google searching, I still feel like I am a little confused regarding malpractice coverage and tail coverage. Please fill in gaps or educate me where my knowledge is incorrect. Occurence coverage = You are covered for any filed suit on you between the dates of your coverage. E.g. I was covered from 2009-2010 by occurence coverage, a suit was filed in 2012 for an issue that arose in 2009, I am covered with occurence insurance. Claims made = You are covered for any filed suit if you currently are carrying the policy. E.g. I worked with claims made coverage from 2009-2010. A suit was filed in 2010 while I was working and carrying claims made coverage. I am covered with claims made malpractice insurance. In this instance, I would not be covered if this same suit was filed outside of the 2009-2010 period while I had claims made malpractice insurance. Claims made with tail coverage = You are covered for any filed suit while you carried the policy and the tail covers any suit filed after the policy ended. E.g. I worked with claims made coverage with a tail from 2009-2010. A suit was filed in 2012 for an issue that arose in 2009. I would be covered by a claims made policy with a tail. My confusion comes regarding having tail coverage as a new graduate. I have read that you don't need it as there is no past practice to raise concern of a lawsuit and I have read you should push for it in a contract. Thoughts? I have also been told that if I were to change careers, that it is standard that the next employer would provide tail coverage for my previous employment (this is what I was told regarding a recent contract I was offered). This doesn't make sense to me as I thought the tail coverage was specifically for the period after the stated malpractice insurance that it covers. Wouldn't the case above be an example of nose coverage? and is this actually common practice? Finally, if you have claims made coverage at one career and then switch careers where you are provided claims made coverage again, is your current second policy going to cover any suits filed during your first career? I.e. You would still need tail coverage for the first job, correct? Sorry for the wall of text. I think this is a point of confusion for a lot of new graduates and young PAs and I'm sure many of us would thoroughly appreciate a better understanding of these issues if someone could provide them. Thanks so much!
  16. I'm a new PA grad with a couple of offers out there and I'm having trouble following my gut vs being realistic about the $100k in debt I've accumulated, and the Uncle Sam gravy train of student loans has long since dried up in my job hunt. The benefits between the two offers are very comparable in terms of health insurance, CME, PTO, 401k, moving expenses, etc. The first one is a hospitalist position, which is my dream job. Team seems awesome. They have a set 90 day training period with a list of topics to be covered and checked off on. I will be able to attend the resident conferences and case discussions. Schedule is M-F 8-5, 1:3 weekends with 2 days of comp time following a weekend worked. Only issue is that things have been pretty slow with getting the offer after the interview, paperwork, etc. I could see it being 2-3 months before I could start, and they have only offered me $75k as a starting salary. The team didn't have much to do with this, it was just some HR person who calculates the offer based on my experience (which they are counting as none although I did work as a CNA inpatient for 2 years and in home health for 2 years). Probably not much room to budge since it is a large organization and it's not the team making the call. I inquired a little further and HR estimated a 3% salary raise annually. There is also no contract obligating me to x years of service. The second offer is a fast care/family med float position. I'm not above fast care, I think it would be good initial experience, but I also really like to be challenged and work things up. There is a high potential that I could move on to a 100% family med position relatively quickly, and I do really like the counseling and continuity aspects of primary care. They also seem like a great team to work with.They have offered me $85k base salary plus RVU incentives. They are also a lower-scoring HPSA so there is potential for NHSC loan repayment. They are willing to move things along quickly for me and I could probably start in a month or so. Contract will be for a year. Is the $75k salary offered for the PA hospitalist position as a new grad on par with everyone else's experiences out there? I do feel that it is a little low compared to the AAPA salary report numbers, but I do understand there will be a significant investment on their part in my education and training until I'm up to speed. However, it would take me 5 years of working there just to get up to the $85k that the fast care/PC position is offering me. Any words of wisdom?
  17. Hey all... will be flying from NYC to New Orleans tomorrow, what is the dress code generally like at these conferences, in particular the Boot Camp. I found a post re: the Disney CME that said everyone was in jeans, but I don't want to be "that guy", and that's Disney, the happiest place on Earth. I just hate flying with a suitcase full of button-downs that need to be ironed the moment I arrive. Thanks in advance. Also, anyone else going? Looking forward to it!
  18. Hello all. I have a job offer as a new-grad in the ED in a critical access hospital and would really appreciate some input. The practice setting seemed ideal during my time checking out the site. It's a rural ED, primarily staffed by PAs (there is an MD onsite 1-2 days/week). The rest of the PAs working here are well seasoned however. They are willing to train a new grad toward becoming an autonomous provider (there will be a 6mo-1yr orientation period). The shifts are 12 hours with the choice to work either 3 or 4 days per week (84 or 96 hours per 2 week pay period). The administration staff and providers were all very nice. So at this point sounds great, right? Sign-on: $2500 Wage: $39/hr with bump up to $41/hr at end or orientation (6-9mo). Wage reassessment at end of 1st year. Time and a half for anything over 40 hrs/week. I have told them the rate is low, but they rebut with the fact that I will be making $105k/yr if I work four 12 hour shifts/week [*]$1500 CME, 7days. [*]PTO: 2-3 weeks determinate upon hours worked [*]Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision included [*]401k: 4% match after 2 years [*]All licensure expenses paid [*]$350/mo additional for loan repayment [*]Contract length is 2 years The job is in an area that I would enjoy living (lots of outdoor possibilities). Everything looks good to me except the hourly wage. When you look at the annual salary including overtime, it's not bad ($105k), but that's working four 12s/week. Is that a lot of hours in the ED? Working three 12s/week would drop it down to 87,204/yr. I have talked to a couple class-mates taking ED jobs starting at $55/hr, but with a less autonomous position. I know there are a lot of contracts posted right now with it being that time of year but I would really appreciate your input. What are your guys/gals thoughts?
  19. We are currently interviewing for a Part Time Physician Assistant to work in a family practice clinic in Hollister, CA. If anyone is interested please email me at pafjobs@firstcallpa.com Thanks!
  20. Hi All, Our pain practice has expanded and now requires the services of a PA. If you know anyone who would be suitable for a day medical center I would appreciate the lead as so far recruiting websites have yielded below par results. Our biggest requirement is 2 years clinical experience preferably in anesthesia, pain management, internal medicine, neurology, or orthopedics. Our website is http://www.lifestreamhealth.com which will show you a little bit about our practice. Send me an email at ryan@lifestreamhealth.com if you know anyone appropriate. I appreciate the help! Best Regards, Ryan Lyles
  21. I have searched online and on this forum but, I can't find any information on when the change is to take place. I may not be searching the correct phrases. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. Also I have read that if a school has a bachelor and masters degree that the bachelor degree will still be available. Thanks for any info.
  22. Hope this post finds everyone well. I am currently negotiating compensation for a part-time derm position. I have 5 years experience as a pediatric PA and had to take a short leave of absence, and am finally able to try to get into derm which has always been my goal. This potential employer would train me for 4-6 weeks unpaid and then start to book me patients. The SP does not want to pay an hourly wage and only want to pay me 25% of collections for what i bring into the practice. They will not cover malpractice the first year and it will be revisited in one year. We are in the early stages of negotiations and I need your help. Does anyone here only get paid a percentage of collections and if so what is the norm? I am unsettled with this because I am not sure how busy this practice is (only one physician) and its not clear how much work she has available. I am really unsure of the earning potential. I would start with follow up patients, general derm until I was more comfortable. The physician is very nice, willing to train (unpaid), and the physician wants to cut her own hours. It is a way for me to get in the derm door. What are your thoughts??? Thanks, Tee
  23. Hey all...I was wondering if anyone is willing to offer their thoughts on the gyn offer I have as a new grad. Here are the basics: In-office gynecology only, no OB. In addition to routine gyn visitis, will provide procedures (colpos, endometrial bx, external cryrotherapy) after receiving further training on these procedures. 40 hours per week, M-F with rotating schedule with 4 other providers for covering Saturday clinic hours. Approximately 2-4 patients per hour. $42/hour, eligible for overtime 10 days paid vacation (eligible after 6 months of employment) 12 days paid sick leave 10.5 days paid holidays 3 days paid CME +$700 Medical, dental, vision insurance; employer pays 96% of premiums Life, long-term disability, accidental death/dismemberment insurance available; employer pays 100% premiums Flexible benefits plans available 403(b) pension plan available All this in a cute coastal Southern California town, and as an added bonus the office is less than 1 mile from my house. Note: I would be the first non-physician provider that is not an NP...does anyone have experience with a similar situation? Advice? Aside from the seemingly low allowance for CME, does anyone else have any thoughts? I definitely appreciate any feedback....
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