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"fellowship" vs Family practice new grad

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Hello, I am a new grad located in a major city of the Northeast.  My future plans involve getting into emergency medicine.  I currently have 2 offers on the table.  One of which in a family practice, as well as a 1 year EM "fellowship".  I also have an interview at an ER in the area (unsure of details of this job). 


EM fellowship: ER shifts only, 4-10's per week.  No off site rotations.  No didactic.  Certificate granted after completion. 

- Salary is 58,000$

- 2,000$ CME

- 2 weeks PTO

- 4,500 yearly healthcare stipend

- DEA, memberships, malpractice covered


Fam Medicine:  4 days per week, one Saturday morning per month.  Roughly 40 hours per week. 16-20 ppd.

- 90,000 salary (chances for bonuses)

- 5 wks PTO

- full health care coverage (unsure of dental)

- 401k up to 3% of salary match

- non-compete for Primary care only (specifically written in contract)

- CME 1,500

- Malpractice (occurrence made)


Clearly these offers are pretty lopsided.  My question is, is it worth it to take the pay cut to jump right into the ER?  Is the transition from family medicine to EM difficult or do recruiters and employers look at this experience as a big plus?  During both interviews I felt very comfortable with the attending physicians.  They seemed to be very interested in teaching and supporting of a new grad (the one offer is termed a fellowship so clearly it should be).  Also, the family medicine offer has a deadline 2 days before my interview at the other local ER.  Not sure if I can get additional time to decide or how to go about it.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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ER shifts only is not a fellowship worth attending. you need the off service rotations in critical care, anesthesia, surgery, etc to make it worthwhile.

I think I know the program you are looking at. they are just looking for cheap labor.

maybe look into a reputable postgrad program....

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I wouldn't even bother with something advertised as a residency/fellowship that isn't listed with APPAP and more importantly, doesn't have anything that a residency/fellowship would have other than working shifts. Look to more established programs.

Have to disagree with one point. There are many fine programs that are not involved with APPAP.

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Yes, I definitely agree that it is not a real fellowship.  However, I should have mentioned earlier that I plan on applying for 3 APPAP fellowships.  One begins in July of 2016 and 2 of them start October of 2016 (my graduation date was a few weeks too late to start this year).  So clearly I will need to get a job in the mean time.

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