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Air Force reserves, signing new contract to attend IPAP

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  Basically I'm in the AF reserves as an x-ray tech and would like to know how long of a contract (amount of years) you must sign in order to attend IPAP, 4 years, 6 years? I can't seem to find any thing on the contract you must sign. All that I could find was that you must be eligible to extend for 6 years within 60 days of class date, but we all know that the statement "eligible to extend" isn't concrete and can mean anything as far as signing a contract goes. Also I know this is a long shot but can you go to IPAP and sign a contract to continue serving as a reservist after completion of training. 


  Any other things anyone would like to add as far as the IPAP program and reservist goes would be welcomed since theres so little information on the reserves side.





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Disclaimer: I am not AF reserves.



Did you get selected?


If you get selected you need to sign up for 6 years (3 for school 3 for ADSC)


Do you have mr smiths email?


You can get more info at https://kx2.afms.mil/_layouts/15/Login/Privacy.htm?ReturnUrl=%2f_layouts%2f15%2fAuthenticate.aspx%3fSource%3d%252F&Source=%2F


(if you dont trust the link google kx select first link)


It is likely that no one will be able to help you.  I ask around school and see if i can find any AF reserve people here (currently at IPAP)

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