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  1. No disrespect intended in any of my responses, I apologize if it ever came across as such, it was never my intention. I throughly appreciate everyones insight. Everyone confirmed what I was thinking myself: that this doesn't seem very fellowship/residency to me. But, it's a foot in the door to EM which it isn't always the most new-grad friendly field. Perhaps the training will surprise me (I hope.) 120 days does go both ways after the initial 6 months (thankfully). Thank you, and perhaps someday!
  2. Thank you so much for this. It's really nice to hear someone else understands my hesitation but also desire to just take it. I KNOW the offer isn't the best considering the lack of formal rotations, which sucks. But at the end of the day, EM is where I want to be. I thought I'd find another niche but the passion for the ED hit me immediately on my rotations. Have I considered other specialties, sure, but nothing makes me want to get up and go like EM did. And like you said, at the end of the day, if I stick it out 18 months or even a year, at least I KNOW I'll have a leg to stand on to be considered for EM positions elsewhere whereas right now, EM + new grad just seems minuscule with covid. Which I get, you want some experience to hit the ground running and help out, it's hard to find the time to train a new grad among delta. I have a call with the attorney in a bit and assuming my clarifications are not red-flags, I will be signing the contract. Thank you everyone for the help!
  3. There are no outside rotations other than the ED, no. And the didactic sessions are lectures and hands on trainings with the residency program (the other hospitals have ED residents just not this one). I know it’s a relatively low offer for the area, but I’m from the area and would be fortunate enough to live at home with no rent. I do agree this sounds more like a lowball lengthy onboarding, but emergency medicine has been the end goal since high school. I’ve always know this is where I wanted to be. I’ve spent ~5 months applying all over the country and gotten zero interest in placement of a new grad without experience, other than a single recruiter who said she WILL place me, but it could take upwards of a year due to covid and hospitals currently wanting experience. I’ve also applied to half a dozen other residencies and been denied. While this isn’t perfect, the providers were willing to answer questions and discuss patients and plans and you’re always paired with a PA or physician. Are there better opportunities out there, absolutely. But for the pay and ability to live at home rent free it seemed like a busy place to get my bearings and the experience I need to be considered in other ERs. I planed to use CME allowance to do an EM course before starting as well to be better prepared.
  4. After I was given an offer I did ask this and was told she "did not know what the current offer is." To be fair, I have been working directly with a recruiter and not the physician group's HR directly. Hoping to contact them on Tuesday to get at least a ballpark, but I do know it is salaried and only the fellows are hourly.
  5. Was hoping to get some opinions on an offer before I accept, this is my first contract as a new grad! Position is a fellowship located in New York, level III trauma center seeing 70K patients a year. First 12 months a physician will always also see your patients, with review to determine if you can begin seeing level 4/5 independently for the last 6 months. Not the greatest area but that means a very diverse patient population. There is NO residency program, so the PA fellows have first dibs at procedures and other opportunities if they want to learn them. Lead PA has been there 10+ years which tells me something, and says PAs get a very high level of autonomy in this ED with great physician support. 18 month contract (can sever with 120 days' notice) Full time hourly at $40.95/hr (+$5/hr night differential). 36 hours/week at 12-hour shifts rotating between observation, fast track and main ED. 5 hours/week didactic education. Opportunities to pick up additional shifts at 1.5x base. (Based on scheduling preferences/OT, anywhere between 88-100K/year) Full medical/dental/vision/disability benefits (Was told you don't get benefits summary until after you sign, is this standard? I find this strange and need to clarify) 401K match (need to obtain details) Malpractice + tail Full reimbursement for license/DEA $1,500 CME allowance/year NO PTO except as required by state law (was told they work with your requests and are able to schedule you early one week/late next to gain 7-8 days off for vacation though) 5K completion bonus at end of term, additional 5K retention bonus if you accept a position there at the end of the fellowship ACLS, ATLS, PALS, emergency ultrasound and emergency airway training provided Seems like a great opportunity as a fellowship to get my foot in the door of EM (have spent 5 months applying for EM positions in various states across the country with no bites, and I've been an EMT 8 years). Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey all! I start rotations in July and we just recently got the paperwork to fill out for rotations. I get only 1 elective rotation and a selective (repeat a core rotation or ortho/urgent care) which I have chosen ortho. I'd love any additional input on what to pick! Our core rotations are 2 primary care, internal medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatry, women's health, pediatrics and general surgery. I know people do rotations in PANCE heavy topics (cardio) but since I only get 1 elective I'd like to use in an area of interest. I don't know what I want to work in just yet. I've been an EMT for 7 years so emergency medicine seems logical, but I always did say that's not for me anymore. Rotations will tell. I've always had a big interest in OB/GYN but I've got that already so I'd like something slightly different. Here are some things I came up with, any ideas or input? I don't like the same thing every day, I like puzzles. Gynecologic Oncology Heme/Onc (though I was told we don't currently have any electives in this area so I'd need to pick between surgical or medical oncology and I wanted a sprinkle of both) Trauma Surgery Infectious Disease Genetics (anyone know anyone in this field as a PA? I haven't been able to find much on it) Medical Examiner/Pathology (NYP ME's Office in NYC) Thank you!
  7. Quick question, is there a secondary or supplemental for Hofstra? I submitted two weeks ago and just want to be sure I'm not missing anything.
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