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what do you think of this Primary Care package?

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Hey guys and gals,



I recently interviewed w/ a major (corporate) multi-specialty group for a position in P.C. I have been practicing for a little under a year and looking for a change to cut my long traveling hours and not having to worry about changing jobs often. Out of their multi locations, 3-4 are close to my house (<1hr commute, one of them 10 minutes walk). Location is great, package is better than what I have currently, but I would still like to receive more knowledgeable feedback on the specs...



The specs: 


salary: 90-95K


hours: M-F total 45hrs (includes two late shifts a week) + 1 Sat/month (4hrs) (work 4hrs less the following week when I work Saturday)


Pt load: ~ 20-30/day uses EMR


Malpractice: Fully covered up to 3 Million (I believe), but I am not sure yet if it's claims or occurrence-made


Health benies: health, dental and vision


Retirement:  ? (I'll ask them soon)


Recert & Professional Expenses: (I'll ask them soon)


Other: 25 PTO, 10 holidays, 5 CME days w/ $2500, 5 sick days (total 45 days/yr)


Turn over: Low (per recruiter)




what do you think? Anything I should inquire more about?


your suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated!










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  • Administrator

Still some holes.  The number of patients to be seen per day seems relatively high--I'd take that job for $45/hour, plus charting ON THE CLOCK and time and a half for anything over 40 hours per week.


This sounds very similar to what I had at Group Health initially, which was a reasonable deal until they want you to see more and more people, and if they can keep cramming people in and you have to chart on your own time--so 45 hours per week becomes 60, or you can start cutting corners in patient care.  Remember, if they say "20-30", they mean "30, maybe more if we can get it out of you..."--no big group has any soul or ethics, they are run by MBAs to whom the patients are not people but revenue streams.

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if you see 20 patients a day for 5 days (your min) and you get $80 per patient as income to the clinic - that is $8000 income in a week and you are getting $2000 in salary - cover you overhead with another $2000/week - and you are costing them $4000/week but making them $4000 profit per week


Numbers are not that simple but you get the idea that you are making them ALOT of money


I would say a few things


1) you get control of your schedule - front office needs to review with you

2) you get full access to your billing and collection data

3) anything over 200% of you salary in one month an you get 25% - ie you make $8000/month - once the clinic gets $16,000 in receipts you start a 25% bonus of collections

4) you need to get more in writing on days off, hours worked over 40, forced overtime, scheduling, ENSURE their is NEVER a call committment(and if so it is compenstated)

5) I would put a absolute CAP on the number seen in a day/week - ie 30/day, 120/week - this stops them from just overworking you


MUST get everything in writing.......

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If you are working 45 hours per week every week except for vacations your hourly rate comes out to 40/hour.  With benefits of course that could possibly be reasonable, but honestly seeing 20-30 patients a day they are going to make a killing off of you, and honestly I don't think as professionals we should accept that low of pay.    You could calculate that extra 5 hours at a per hour rate and ask for that on top of the offered salary,  which would be another 10k, or ask if they would offer a production bonus.  I get 5% of total collections which I think is pretty standard, or you could ask for 25% of whatever you bring in after you collect double your salary.  I work 24 hours a week and bring in around 200k in collections so you could possibly bring in double this.  If you haven't had a bonus on collections keep in mind this is on total collections, not what is billed.  Everything you bill will not be collected so that has to be kept in mind.  I would also ask them what you are bringing in every six months to a year.  I really think that allows the practice and yourself to realize that you are a benefit to the practice monetarily and of course to your patients. 

I would also look at your retirement benefit and ask about that.  I do not have any other benefits because I do not need them with my husband being military, but they do give a 3% of my salary profit sharing into  my 401k.  You should definitely get something with that.  I have worked at the low end with 3%, and then worked another place that contributed 18% of my salary, it came out to 18k per year, in Interventional Radiology... 

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