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  1. Let's continue to push this forward guys!! post the link on your facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit send to your friends, your schools and family
  2. Dear PAs,Attached, you'll see a link that will take you to an online survey, where you can participate in a petition to "Grant PAs Full Practice Authority to function as Licensed Independent Practitioners in Federal jurisdictions." We need 84,493 signatures by May 4, 2020 to get a response from the White House. currently we have about 15,000 signatures.Please complete and forward this link to your PA friends, colleagues, PA program and every PAs you know. Until this COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us thought that being a PA equates to job security. However, if you're keeping yourself informed, you
  3. the attendings are told to see every patients once they're presented. I was told it applies to all APPs in the ER as a whole. it was implemented not because of safety, but purely monetary reasons. they said that PAs can't be billing CMS if the attending did not see the patient, and that could get them in trouble. and since it isn't easy to find out who has medicare/medicaid, they'd rather have us PA present. the attendings didn't like it either, and some still don't.
  4. One of the ED systems I work at in NYC has made it a requirement for PAs to present ALL cases to an attending. no matter the level. management is saying that it has to do with billings CMS. since they don't know which patient has medicare/medicaid, they'd rather have the PAs present everyone and bill under the MDs. This change is not taken well by the PAs. What is it like in your ED? is this even allowed?
  5. I suggested 4 in the end of it: - Medical Practitioner (MP) - PARAphysician - Medex - Medical Physician Associate (MPA)
  6. I have not done any of those but, how about - Flip houses? - Rental properties in cheap cities and states - real estate agent - Invest in a laundromat - Invest in a small business - Loan money to small businesses (not family) - Invest your money in Stocks and make it work for you while you sleep
  7. Surgery Vs Cardiology Hospital Vs Private practice 125K in Urgent care Vs 115K in Cardio not a fair comparison. I make 115K with 4 years in EM. I know people at my perdiem U.C. making 140K.
  8. What a great outcome. Congrats!! no one is ever fully happy after negotiation, what's important is that you are not feeling under compensated. Keep your lifestyle the same and Reduce Debts, SAVE, Invest and you'll be super ready for big things.
  9. at my shop I was offered two types of funds. In one I was fully vested immediately. The other was after 3 years of full time employment. I made three years last year, so I am vested fully in both with a 6% match.
  10. My PA coworkers are trying to get a raise but my boss keeps on bringing the fringe benefits making us understand that we make more per hour than we think. According to his calculations, we make $89/hr (all fringe benefits included). But in our paycheck, we make 29% less. We don't seem to have a way around his argument. I feel like Fringe benefits shouldn't be added to hourly pay and raise conversation because it's a standard thing most employer offer to make themselves competitive in the job market. Beside, it doesn't reflect anywhere in our W2 that we make that much. Can
  11. Yes, I forgot to mention, there is an evening and night differential. 230hrs / 36hrs = 6.33 work weeks. Because the max hrs we can work a calendar week are 36, a 36hrs vaca is translated into 7 calendar days.
  12. If you love the place and see yourself working there for another 3 years, I modify the offer. 2 years into the place, I am sure they know your quality of work. keep in mind, no private jobs like this will ever offer you 100% of what you are really worth (they only offer you something that will allow them to sleep at night). Also, keep in mind, EVERYTHING is negotiable. Your job sounds sweet, BUT the start of the CHF clinic IS GOING TO CHANGE your work routine. Are you sure you want to lock yourself into such a big commitment? I'd sign a 1 yr contract. if this clinic takes off smo
  13. City: NYC Years of practice: 4 (four) Specialty: Emergency Med. Salary: $115, 480 OT: $84/hr Shift: 36 hrs/week = 1 work week (= 3 days of work + 4 days off) CME: $3,000 Match: 6% (403b), vested after 3 years. PTO: 230 hrs/year (included sick days and time off) ; that is 6.33 calendar weeks. CME time: 7 days Benefit: dental, vision, medical. Malpractice: covered Opportunity for OT: plenty Schedule: mix day, evening and overnight with evening and overnight shift differential.
  14. I do not agree with this above answer. to O.P. you did nothing wrong, and this certainly should not make you go consider PA residency (smh). Keep on applying to any place you'd like to work at. some hospitals have open house type of events. go to those. you could make a physical visit to their H.R. office or find the number of the department secretary and call to inquire. you could use recruiters too if you want. they are like real estate agents, you'll have to pay them a fee. Network with your old classmates and ask if they know about any positions in the
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