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  1. I do not agree with this above answer. to O.P. you did nothing wrong, and this certainly should not make you go consider PA residency (smh). Keep on applying to any place you'd like to work at. some hospitals have open house type of events. go to those. you could make a physical visit to their H.R. office or find the number of the department secretary and call to inquire. you could use recruiters too if you want. they are like real estate agents, you'll have to pay them a fee. Network with your old classmates and ask if they know about any positions in their hospitals. an employee referral may go a long way.
  2. Acceptance letters or calls will begin to roll out soon!! Starting the first week of April 2019. So be attentive to your phones and unknown numbers Haha. If you're lucky enough to be accepted be proud, this is an amazing program and its faculties work diligently to bring you the best education to make you a star in your knowledge of medicine. Once accepted, the competition is over. You're all going to be in the same pot. No one is out to "get" you. DON'T BE A JERK TO YOUR CLASSMATES (and future colleagues). Sophie Alum
  3. I agree! It's misleading and shady. Most patients don't know the difference and NPs don't care to make them privy to the "secret." if it ain't broken, don't fix it, haha. It works in their favor
  4. Thank you for all your valuable responses. I have read them all and liked the insights received from them. Thanks MODs for keeping this thread from derailing on a tangent.
  5. Close to SEVEN THOUSAND views of this thread, yet a grim 300 of them participated in this poll!! if that isn't an eye opener about us as a unit (and profession), I do NOT know what will. Look at the NURSES for instance, do you know ANY other professionals that always stick together for the better good of their craft? I speak with many of my colleagues, none of them know about this forum, none of them know about the possible name change proposal, none of them have noticed how most job now have openings for PAs OR NPs (yet PAs don't always get the job offer). We collectively act as a bunch of fools and choose to ignore things that one day will make it hard for us (and next gen of "PAs") to have a decent livelihood. tbh, I am tired of the whole NP vs PA debate, we are not the same. period. Most of us PERFORM procedures, most NPs don't. is that good enough to make us stand in the eyes of an employer who ONLY cares about the max chances for bigger REVENUES? We have entered the age of medicine as a BUSINESS, our current name does not put us in the proper position to be profitable (in the long run) vs the NPs. You may have a few years left to practice, maybe you're half way there till retirement, but how about us, the new comers? How about our future generations? the people who cannot afford to be MDs et al.? What ARE WE doing to make sure they have a profession that is valued in the eyes of the ignorant consumers? This is OUR doing. We groomed people to only give a shit about NAME BRANDS, regardless of actual competencies. We buy Pradas, Louis Vs, BMWs, Benz, yet we shit on the other brands. WE not only (want to) send our kids to big school names rather than public schools, we also try to sh*t on the public schools too. We take our "big" money and LEAVE the community we came from instead of investing in the block (I'm guilty of that too)! I went to non private PA school, most of my colleagues in the same cohort went to private, yet we make similar income. I see more of my net income go in my account, they don't. We have to drink a taste of our own medicine. Actually we have, now that we don't like it and realized that we fucked up years ago in naming this profession, we're pushing for change. NOTHING is wrong with that. ANY names with the word "assistant" in it should never be an option for this profession. EVER. WE are judged' by our names. this is how we are as humans...judgmental.
  6. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about moving out NYC and go live somewhere else. main reasons are so that I could buy a house, have a greater work/life balance, save more, have a decent safety net and retirement money, and get AWAY from cold snowy winters. Most of you know that it's expensive living here in the city and I know it too. My main problem is that I DO NOT know which state/city to go. I know how it is here for PAs in NY, but elsewhere I have no clue. main concerns: - Income? (I'm between 110-120K) not sure if income would be lower - How are PAs utilized? - Any limitations in the way I would practice, compared to NY? - How diverse are the facilities? - Cost of living? - Beach or Lake near by? How is it being a PA in your city/state?
  7. mine is a rental. i was not really saying living in the apartment (and paying 1995) is better than a house somewhere else. I know already that I would get more for my money outside of the city. I was just replying to CritCareICU's question. I didn't think he needs to spend 5k in an apartment in the city. that's ridiculous.
  8. I mean it isn't that bad to afford things. I pay $1995 for my 1br (huge. in astoria), have less than 1K in bills and able to save about 1600 monthly. you'll survive if you have no debts and not the only working person in your family.
  9. I use synchrony too. I think I have heard that you can use a Roth for home purchase
  10. have you thought about investing your cash for the next 5-7 yrs in a Roth IRA as you save up for a sizable down payment? or maybe you could save up your down payment cash in an Online Bank and make more interest yearly rather than saving them in a brick and mortar bank and make pennies.
  11. Ever since I moved to this country I have lived in NYC. I went to college here, dated here, went to PA school here and now working here. I started in Primary Care and did 1 year. then, I switched to Emergency Med. and on Sept 2019 I will make 4 yrs. I am single, almost done with my loans and now I am looking to move to another part of the country to continue with life, work and to buy a nice place eventually. I haven't looked deeper, but so far I was thinking: Savannah, GA; Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC It seems like the annual salary is a bit low at other places, even though cost of living is cheaper, I still like a big paycheck! My aim is to find a place where I work 3/days week (12hr shifts), amazing property options (cheaper than NYC), amazing life/work balance and a good pool of datable women to find the one. what's your take?
  12. I am with EMEDPA. se if you could get more on CME allowances. maybe you could also use it to pay for DEA and stuffs like that.. I get 2200/yr
  13. I just accepted an offer in NYC for $72/hr. per diem.
  14. Hi everyone, I just received an offer for perdiem U.C. in NYC for $72/hr. Since this is my first perdiem job, are there anything (like malpractice insurance and which type, etc..) I need to make sure I receive from the company?
  15. I hope you documented that you called the doc on call and he declined to consult with the patient and referred you to the other doc. then document that you could not reach the other doc then let your department's director know about this pushback so he/she can address it and fight for you.
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