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2014-2015 Cycle

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hey gang!  I am a first year too...I'm just taking a study/procrastination break from studying from....everything. bc we have a test I swear in everything this week and next.  Oh well...nothing new.  Just wanted to scare y'all a little bit...but i'm serious.  There are 2 one on one interviews like 15-20 min apiece...they are really relaxed, which i loved about UAB when I interviewed.  They already know all that stuff about you anyways...i mean sheesh you filled out your life story that is  CASPA.  I was glad to see that they did their homework and already knew all that and weren't wasting time asking stupid questions, that were already in front of them.  

Each interview is held in that person's office...so not intimidating.  One of the interviews, you meet with one person "academic" side of the program (there are prob 3-4 of these interviewers---so who you get is just the luck of the draw) and they just talk with you and scare you about how hard its gonna be (but seriously listen...they know what they're talking....but if you love what you're doing its not so bad).  If you've previously had any bad grades be able to explain why and/or how this was resolved.  Then you have another one on one interview with an "clinical" person.  They just talk to you about your experience (if you have any), what a PA does, and stuff like that.  For real nothing to be scared about.  Its all stuff you already know (or should know--since this is what you want to be).  Everyone you are interviewing with is going to be one of your professors---so they are in touch with how students are (terrified and stressed).  I interviewed 2 years...so I feel fairly experienced (even though i think there were some folks whose this was their 3rdish time).  They just want to get to know YOU bc they already know and like how you present on paper (or else you wouldn't have made it this far).   I honestly don't remember anything they asked me, it was that informal. I do remember one of the professors said he asked "if you could be any superhero who would it be?"

My advice is just to chill out (easier said than done, i know) and when you get there just talk to some of the people sitting around you bc that will help keep your mind off everything.  I tried not to talk about things like GPA, GRE, experience, bc i knew this was just gonna stress me...and seriously once you get in no one cares....everyone is clueless and lost and wrong.

If you get in...or wherever you get in...i seriously recommend having as much fun as possible, staying out all night, catch up on all your hobbies, netflix, sleep, and being with your significant others while you can....bc they will cease to exist. Also, save as much money as you can bc you won't be working....but there are the occasional nights you can go out and you will want to go hard.

I hope i've scared everyone...not for real.  I friggin love it.  yes it is hard, but that's what makes UAB one of the best.  Better to suffer now and be awesome later.  Ohhh and I do know there are at least 3-4 interview dates so far.  The last date that I know of is friday, Nov 21.  But i have no idea if they have sent out invites for this date or if they are having any dates beyond this..  Also, wear comfortable shoes...UAB is huge and walking around in uncomfortable heels sucks.  Sorry this post is really disorganized and random.  

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Hey everyone! I am a first year student at UAB-PA and I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone that has received interview invitations! And for those of you still waiting, don't get discouraged there could potentially be interview sessions added on. I came from out of state (out of region, really) and would love to answer any questions you may have about UAB or the interview process. Good luck!

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Hey all, I'm also excited to interview on November 6th!! I was wondering for us females, should we be bringing a purse? Are there any documents/things we should have on us? 


I am bringing a purse. And also I emailed them to ask if we needed to bring any documentation, they said, just bring ourselves! 

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I am going to try to answer some of the more recent questions.

I think the majority of us heard whether or not we were accepted fairly soon after our interviews. I received my acceptance call exactly one week after my interview. In some cases, though, they may not notify people until they have completed the entire interview process, so you could potentially not hear for a month or two. I would expect to have to wait several weeks and then you can just be surprised if you hear earlier. They do send out rejection letters (I believe via snail mail) if you are not accepted. 

As for whether or not you should bring a purse, etc. it is really up to you. I took a leather folder/portfolio that zipped up because I wanted to have something to write on. I just stuck my keys and phone in there. I really didn't need the portfolio, though, because they gave us a bag, lunchbox, a folder with information in it, and a small notebook with a pen (no guarantees they'll do that again this year). I don't think we needed any other documents or anything. It shouldn't be an issue if you just want to bring a purse, though. I hope this helps answer some of your questions! :) Good luck! 

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Can anyone tell me how long it typically takes for the admissions committee to make a decision on student admission? Is it fairly soon after interviewing or does it take several months?



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I got the call about 2-3 weeks after I interviewed.  But I know some people didn't find out until much later.  So don't give up hope if you don't hear by then.

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Hi guys,

I'm a first year at UAB and I wanted to mention a few things:


1. There are many people in our program who didn't get in until their second attempt. So if you really want to attend UAB, don't give up! 

2. When I interviewed last year I really think they liked me talking about things that weren't in my application. If there is something that you've done that maybe you left out of your application like working at Burger King while going to college, use that and spin it! It shows character, personality and a little bit of humbleness when you can take something that may not be "standard" and make it your own. 

3. If you check "McGilvray PA at UAB" on youtube you should find an interview of one of the faculty members. I interviewed with her and she asked me the same questions she's answering. 

4. They are not "moving to primary care", there is still a VERY strong surgical component in this program. if you compare the curriculum to other programs you will find that UAB not only has surgical rotations and elective rotations (which you can choose surgery) but also has more surgical classes than most other programs.

5. If you are coming from out of state, check the "Academic Common Market". UAB has it set up where if you live in a southern state within the southern board of education you qualify for in state tuition. I came from Texas and I'm not paying any more than what residents in Alabama are paying!

6. Before you interview read up on current healthcare news, it might help in the writing prompt. 

8. Other questions I was asked: "What would you bring to the classroom?", "What would you do if you didn't know the answer to something?", "What are 2 difficult issues the PA profession is facing?", "Why should we choose you over someone else?" and "Why did you choose UAB?". 

9. Don't say "I want to help people", if you want to be in trauma because you want to be elbow deep in someones thorax, tell them that! 

10. I interviewed at a few places and I seriously chose UAB because the faculty was so warm and down to earth. Make your conversations interesting! I know that's easier said than done, but trust me when I tell you they know everything on your application so if you just ramble off what's already in front of them you are doing a disservice to yourself. 

11. I took off a year after college to work for my dads pest control company. You better believe I left it off of my application because I didn't think it was "medically" relevant. The VERY first question I was asked in my UAB interview "I saw you took a year off after you graduated. What did you do during this time?". I responded without thinking "I worked in pest control", I could have just DIED after I said that but evidently the faculty member really liked it and kept asking me questions about it. At the end of the interview she shook my hand and said "I think you would make a great asset to this program". 

12. If you interview with Maday, the man is a genius. I don't have any advice because I still can't look the man in the eye......


Just thinking about this time last year has my stomach in knots. I seriously want to help all of you who have questions so please don't hesitate in messaging me!

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