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Application Cycle 2014-2015

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Hey everyone,

Where is everyone staying for their interviews?

My interview is on 1/8 - message me if anyone wants to meet up the day before since I will be arriving to Syracuse on 1/7.

I'm staying at the comfort inn to save some $$! I'll also be at the same interview as you but I won't be able to meet up the day before... I won't get there until late. But I look forward to meeting you the day of though!

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Hey everyone! I am planning on arriving in syracuse on the 7th and am also staying at the comfort inn. Is anyone interested in grabbing dinner the night of the 7th? It would be nice to meet everyone! I also will have room in my car if anyone would like a ride to campus for the interview. Please let me know! =)

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Hello Everyone!



   I will be driving to Syracuse from Mass on the 9th, hopefully making it to the comfort inn by 7:30pm, if anyone wants to meet up I would really appreciate it. I think it would help to see a few faces before the 10th, maybe even calm my nerves. :) Feel free to message me if you are interested.



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Start following the NY State Society of Physician Assistants if you are applying to schools in NY.


Yup, and there's also some great simplified information regarding the scope of practice for PAs here for each state too:




I got this from the forum and it was really interesting. But I did see some people post that there are some errors with this. They have one for NPs too if you guys wanna compare!

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