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  1. Just some FYI - our program director Michel Statler was elected to be director at large of PAEA! She will remain our program director and it's huge news for our program!
  2. There are over 3400 applicants and about ten people in our faculty to go through them, on top of their teaching schedules and jobs outside of the program.
  3. Current student here... I know people in our class who received interview invites all the way up until February. Don't be discouraged.
  4. Really awesome meeting a lot of you today, very bright group! I was Wesley on the student panel, message me for anything!
  5. I wouldn't worry about stats or compare yourself to others. People with all types of GPAS (low-high), work experience (none to 14k+ to PHDs, etc.), volunteer experience (minimal to tons) are in our class and prior classes, they are looking at you as a whole!
  6. Hey there, I will be one of the first year students on the student panel for this upcoming September interview. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck, you'll love it here! Wesley
  7. http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-health-schools/physician-assistant-rankings Some interesting changes!
  8. I got the same email and then I got an email yesterday saying my stuff was being reviewed lol
  9. I work for an independent company who employs physicians/scribes that the hospitals have a contract with. So it depends on the area. Some of those large programs pay very well. Look through craigslist.
  10. Hey I'm an accepted student, not current, but went to the second look day... the current students said we have a week between each of the quarters as well as a winter break!
  11. And while you think scribes are picking up bad habits, just to play devils advocate, the number of times I have had to awkwardly ask providers in the hospitalist group about systems they didn't check which pertain to the chief complaint... Just saying. Patients with bilateral LE cellulitis that the provider didn't look under the blankets to assess... Patients in arrhythmia, yet the heart wasn't checked... Hypoxia and no auscultation of the lungs... I've also had providers tell me scribes help make them more thorough. So don't just only bag on scribes.
  12. I find this odd. I mean we are trained about what sort of ROS/exam, etc is needed for certain levels of charts - and we are told they are things the provider should be doing but we are also told not to put anything in the chart that the provider didn't do... So I'm not sure why your scribes are... Sounds more like a management/training problem. I would take it up with your higher ups but I wouldn't necessarily blame the scribes who are making near minimum wage to do something they're told. I agree with you that it is unethical and our supervisor before this current one really did pressure
  13. Hey, from what they told us at the interview, they were going to interview once a month through January. And they said the one interview date taking place in January was for the waitlist. Again, this is just from what I have heard.
  14. Hey there, sorry if this is something that has been overdone, but I've canvased the internet looking for what a day in the life of the military PA looks like and I can't find anything. I was wondering if I could get a synopsis of what it would be like for someone after they graduate from a PA program to join and work in the military, whatever branch that may be. Working hours? Location? Where do you live? What are your responsibilities outside of seeing patients? Pay? Benefits? Pros? Cons? Thanks
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